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It all began several months ago late one night after a gig – a cup of coffee, a few shots of JD and a tall Guinness.  The vibes were good and the idea for a Global Music Community was created.

In between all the other facets of Life we started looking at ways to best make the Dream a reality.

Here we are and continuing to evolve. As you look around you will see that this is one giant Jam session with some great Bands, Singers, Musicians, Session People,  All genres of Music, everything from Heavy Metal, The Blues, Country, Rock, Nordic Chants, Jazz, etc, etc,  and pretty much anything & everything related to Music.

To quote, Duke Orsino in Shakespeare´s “Twelfth Night”:  “If music be the food of love, play on, Give me excess of it!”   - Well, there’s no such thing as too much Music.  And guess what? There’s no Love in The World without Music.  Global Music. Yeah Baby – Feel The Vibe. One Note at a Time.

Whatever your style of Music, your preferences, your desires we hope to cover it here; if you would like to make suggestions, write a piece or two, let the world know about your favorite Group/ Band /Singer/Session Musician/ Instrument Maker/ Fashion Merchandise/ Record Label/ Studio Hire/and can also think of ways that we can make this even more fun than it is - go to contacts & send us an email. We want this Portal to be a Cool 24/7 Rave all over The World.  So, make suggestions & share the heck out of this Link on your FB Page, Instagram, wherever, however, whenever  and help us build a truly Global Music Club. 

Anything you can contribute to make this Rock & go truly International will be appreciated.

As we are in a continuing state of Evolution we hope to add free giveaways, competitions, discount vouchers, etc.  

Thanks for stopping by. Stay in The Groove. Peace Out!

Registration Number : 11479797                                            Bankers: Barclays Bank