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André Pedroso Rocha


Sometimes The Horse Has No Name


I met André Pedroso Rocha in Lisbon, Portugal a few weeks ago. He is a guitarist and plays in two bands, Desert’Smoke and Helix. Apart from being an excellent Musician he also has a deep Spiritual and somewhat ethereal quality that is reflected in his work.

Given the name of one of his Bands & if you are familiar with the work of British/American Lee Martin "Dewey" Bunnell you will understand why I have sub-captioned the article the way that I have.

Check out all the Links below including some nice rehearsal footage.

When I asked him to share his thoughts on Music and his Musical life, he responded:-

“Although I have not had any major studies in music, I consider myself an evolving Musician. I am, I guess, a continual work in progress that began in 2010 when I first decided to learn how to play the guitar. Influenced by many guitar legends, I enrolled in a Music School to begin my journey. Soon after that I started my first band with a couple of friends making some pop/rock covers and taking my first steps in composition and live performances.

Encouraged by the response I received I decided to develop my overall performance skills and not just Musically. I went to University and studied Audiovisual and Multimedia. I focused on my graduation and left my music school. Often The Universe decides things for us that appear out of nowhere. One such thing was when I met Rafael, my brother-in-arms of my musical life. We jammed all over the place with everybody until we started our own band. We began by just creating music that basically just made people feel good.

We played literally everywhere we had an opportunity -  at home, on the street, pubs, bars and even managed to get booked for gigs at Music festivals. Rafa and I started our present project Helix. For now we are a trio creating instrumental jazz, blues and funk music with the objective to gather more and more musicians and to create further Live performances that incorporate my Audio Visual skills.  

In 2017, I began exploring the world of stoner and psychedelic rock. As a result, I started a new band with three friends called Desert'Smoke. It is not just a musical gig but an instrumental show with melodies that takes the audiences to the most deserted areas of this planet.

Not just a walk in the park but a trip into the heart and soul of the desert; chaotic moments, head-banging but also deep intimate & spiritually reflective moments that unravel the darkness of the mind and indeed some of its other Mysteries.

I don’t want my audiences to just listen. I want to take each and every one of them on a journey. 

We were on the Bill with great bands from Canada and the USA and at Sonicblast Moledo (one of the biggest festivals of this genre in Portugal).

Our first demo EP is called 'Hidden Mirage' and with this CD we hope to travel all of Europe next year!“

You can watch a short video made by me on the last year where I illustrate some of this talk with videos of the bands and music. It was an application for the Gonzervatory: youtu.be/ta3mZFdbJRw

Helix Trio || facebook - www.facebook.com/helixtrio
> Audio full demo: youtu.be/H9lEyuwH9AI
> Short clips from Live performances: 
 > And we created a song for a dance video, check it out:
- youtu.be/COAwOjiwOy4

Desert'Smoke || facebook - www.facebook.com/desertsmoke.pt
> 'Hidden Mirage' EP - https://youtu.be/4z3x2dtamZc
> Live performances

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