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Anna Mazzotta


Anna Mazzotta, one of the youngest winners of the prestigious Jerwood Drawing Prize, trained at The Wimbledon School of Art and The Royal College of Art. Her artworks feature in many public and private collections, most notably in those of Robert & Susan Kasen Summer and the Royal photographer John Hedgecoe.

Painting primarily from her imagination, a technique that gives her art a far more personal feeling, Anna is heavily influenced by Art Deco, theatre, beach scenes and cinema with a deep love for silent movies and how exaggerated expressions are used to tell a story.

It is said that the work of all great and original Artists is immediately recognizable at first glance. So it is with Anna Mazzotta’s striking & wonderfully compelling original Art that takes the best of revivalist glamour blends it beautifully with humour and delivers life-enriching paintings. Award winning Anna’s works proudly feature in National and International collections. Renowned for their painterly quality and unique subject matter that seductively reveals a little bit more to you each time you look.

I first met her in London, England via a mutual friend at an exhibition in London’s West End. Her smile was gracious and I warmed to her immediately.  That warmth was superbly transferred to each and every piece at the exhibition. A rare honor & distinct joy to be escorted at a Gallery by the Artist as I admired the work on each wall.  

You have an opportunity to do the same – well, not quite – but her site is glorious.

Her understanding of Showbiz & Music related topics is truly exhilarating. Her sense & perspective of glamour and the nuances of Showbiz can be seen by careful observation. She delights in a form of sophisticated & yet playful mischief in her interaction with the viewer. Her drawings & paintings do not leave the viewer as a mere observer;   they possess the rare quality of drawing the viewer deep into the subject matter. That is an Art all unto itself.

Just over a year ago Anna presented live on stage at the Savoy Theatre in London an oil painting to the iconic International Actress Jane Fonda: This was at an 'Evening with Jane Fonda' hosted by Graham Norton in front of a live audience of some 2000 people. The Oil Painting had been commissioned by the Show’s producers to give Jane Fonda a memory of the UK’s vibrant art scene. Jane Fonda was deeply moved by Anna’s painting of her as Barbarella. Overcome with emotion she managed, “Thank-you so much – this is wonderful!”

PS: ‘Barbarella’  was an iconic movie Directed by Roger Vadim in 1968 with costumes designed by Paco Rabanne.


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