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Debbie Haze


There are many gigging performers out there but few are as polished and professional as Debbie Haze. Debbie has honed down her craft to a flawless performance that transforms her seamlessly from Madonna to Cher, to ABBA, Shania Twain and Kylie to name but a few.

No matter what the event or venue Debbie Haze can accommodate it. 

Over the years Debbie has reinvented herself in a very stylish and convincing way… from her ‘Divas’ show, ABBA tributes, and most recently her Space Girl set aptly named ‘Deborella, wife on Mars’, where Debbie dresses as a space vixen ‘Barbarella’ style, singing favourites like ‘Rocket Man, ‘Life on Mars’, ‘Spirit In The Sky’ and many more.

Whether it be a village hall or Wembley stadium, Debbie can fill the room and she captivates her audience beautifully, leaving everyone tapping their feet and dancing the night away.

A wonderfully colourful and accomplished performer, who will make any event a success.

In her spare time, Debbie is an avid animal lover, working relentlessly to better the lives of animals in any and every way she can. Her charitable arm ‘The HECTA Foundation’ is always happy to team up with animal charities and initiatives where Debbie often donates her time, expertise and talent to raise money and awareness for all animal charities.

There aren’t many people on this planet of ours, who work this hard to help the creatures who cannot defend themselves. Debbie Haze is that person. Book her for your birthday or wedding, your product launch or cabaret affair… even better still, ask Debbie to help your animal charity.

Spyros Melaris.



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