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George Edwordz

George Edwordz

George Edwordz  (aka George Edwards) is a singer /songwriter from Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. His  music is mainly folk/rock/blues with a main focus & influence via grunge/punk. His songs are mostly written from life experience and his understanding of it.  He has been described as a laid-back chilled out kinda guy which is likely a generic description of most Australians but George has made it into an Art form unto itself and himself.


His lyrics and music feature many of the puzzles and dilemmas of Life and he interprets those Life happenings in his own inimitable way that creates a lingering empathy with his fellow man.


He has gone a few rounds with Life and has emerged the Victor. That has given him a depth of understanding that he uses in his original works.


When asked about his style and philosophy he laconically replied, “I love playing live and it is a goal to record and publish my songs.” No one can accuse him of overstatement!  Check out his Links .




Email: edwardsg750@gmail.com