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- For Advertisers:


How Much Time & Money Do you Waste Working Hard?

Hard Work or Smart Work?

You want your business to be a success. You spend time & energy Promoting your business sending e-mails, making Posts on FB and other Social Media. Hard work -Yes. Smart work- likely not if it is to the wrong people!

You can work hard all day knocking down a brick wall with a hammer. There it is done! Hard work? Yes. Smart work? No! Why not? Because you have not focused on the objective. What’s that? Knocking the wall down. How you knock it down is vital! A bull-dozer will be smarter, more efficient, save tons of hard work and time that could be better spent. Focused time & efforts make for a successful business.  

To create more sales you need to promote & sell to a target audience. Over 70% of time & money is wasted on promotion to the wrong audience. Here’s an example: If a restaurant serves the best steaks from grass fed cattle on the menu and works hard advertising that, it is pretty much useless if 70 % of the people seeing the advertisement are Vegetarians. 

You want to increase your sales to the right people. We have the target audience. The Right People. It is really that simple.

Everyone would like a Rolls Royce or Porsche. However, for either manufacturer to advertise their product in a place that is seen by lots of people but they are the wrong people they won’t sell their cars. Why not? The wrong people don’t have the money to buy one! However, if Rolls Royce & Porsche limit their Promotion & Marketing to a specific target audience-the right people, and they do, the chances of making several Sales increases a 1000 fold.

We have the right people - the target audience for your Product. Who are they? Musicians, Vocalists and all those who follow Bands. They are the people who buy CDs, Equipment, Instruments, Travel, Accessories, Beverages, etc., and anything else directly & indirectly related to The Music Industry. The statistics on our Website & FB Pages prove that!


Why would our Website & FB Posts work “better” than yours?  

Three main reasons:  

  • Firstly, an independent article is valued more than any self-promotion.

  • Secondly, you reach the right people - the target audience.

  • Thirdly, our statistics in reaching that audience are proven. We have an average reach of 192 for each Post. One Post alone, reached well over 3000 people. It also generated an interesting thread. Our website is continually visited daily by a monthly average of 390+ to date & growing.


Can we prove that?


How do you reach that target audience?

Promote your Product to our International audience. They have the money & the willingness to spend on your product.

What will it cost you?

£10 a week. Yes you read that right – that is the annual cost. If you want to use us for just 6 months - £12 per week. For a Test market of 8 weeks - £15 per week.

What do you get?

  • An independent feature article on our website about your Product that includes Links to your Site, FB & other Social Media Links. Our audience can get to you by Clicking on them directly. You can also use the article Link in your own Posts & Promotion material.

  • Posts on our FB pages directing people to the article on the site.

  • An actual advertisement on our site for 52, 26 or 8 weeks.

  • An International audience.

  • The ability to boost the Posts on our site if you so wish.

  • An invoice from our UK registered Company for Tax purposes which, your business can deduct as a business expense.


Are there other benefits?

Yes. An independent article is valued more by potential customers than any self-promotion. The costs are very reasonable, you re-coup your investment by just a few sales. Ask yourself where you can get that much PR, Publicity & Promotion to an International target audience of the right people for the above mentioned rates.

You want your business to succeed. We want our business to succeed. Join forces. It is truly a Win-Win deal. It is the smart thing to do.   

Make sense?

Yes, it does.

For a non-committal discussion: info@globalmusic.club


- For Bands/Artists/Promoters/Agents


A CD You want to Sell? - Want to Book More Gigs?

Obviously, yes! You want to sell 1000s. Yes, you want a few more gigs!

We are getting in touch with you as you are a Band or Artist that has been featured or will shortly be featured in Crow’s Nest or Darkstone’s Picks on our site: www.globalmusic.club

We have two new sections on our site. One is about CD Sales. The other about Promoting your Contact details to National and International persons of interest.

Whether you are Marketing your release directly, via CD Baby or anywhere else you still need to up your Sales. That is why we are offering a special promo package at a small one-time fee.

What’s the One-Time Fee?

£15. That’s it.

What do you get?

  • An invoice from our parent company Showbiz Marketing Services Ltd you use as a Business expense.

  • A Post on two FB Pages (Main Page & Community) .

  • An advertisement on the site in a Special section called, "Releases” that is dedicated to News & Releases.

  • An advertisement that can remain for a year.

  • Extra PR, Promotion & International exposure.


How do you advertise?

You provide an image and a Link that is directed to your place of purchase.

Will you get CD Sales?   Book More Gigs?

Most likely –Yes. Why?  Because although we don’t reach Millions, we do as you have already seen, reach an interested International audience who are in all likelihood the type of people that you want to reach. Those who will purchase your CD and/or download. Those who are interested in booking you for a Gig. If you only sell one release in a whole year you will have recouped your £15 investment. Likewise, if you only get one Gig you will have recouped your £15 investment.

How does the Gig Promo work?

Pretty much the same as stated above. You supply us with an image. Plus info if you want to perform just Nationally or Internationally and a Link to your FB and/or website. We list you and continually Post reminders on our FB directing Event Organizers, Bookers, Agents, etc., to that section on our site.  


What does it cost?

£15. That’s it. A one-time annual payment. An invoice as a business expense and all the benefits of year long PR & Promotion on an Independent Site.

Can you have both?

You can have one Section or the other, or both – New Releases or Gig Maker. Each one costs £15 but £25 if you invest in both.      

Why so Cheap?

Because we want to be fair to you & ourselves. We are not greedy. We just want to cover our costs, create a win-win situation and spread good vibes all over The Planet.   

How do you pay?

Via Paypal or to Showbiz Marketing Services Limited via Bank transfer.

What do you do next?

Send a Message or better yet email: gmc.globalmusicclub@gmail.com