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By: Anthony Darkstone

“The Blues is my heritage and it’s so rich with flavors that it should be tasted & savored for a lifetime!”  - Habaka

And what a heritage it is! Her mother is Mary Ann Jackson a noted Vocalist & Dancer. Her father was the legendary saxophone player Melvin Jackson. Mr. Jackson toured with B.B King and introduced him for several decades.

As some of you know, I have Produced & Hosted several Talk Shows in Israel, England and the USA. At one time I also had a Radio Show called, "Time Out" back in the day and had some wonderful guests and honored to include the legendary B.B. KIng among those Illustrious names.

I am absolutely sincere when I state that was a privilege, honor & delight to get to have a deep meaningful conversation with Habaka both on and off camera. Listen and watch as she weaves her wonderful story of birth and re-birth. A true revelation of a perfect Metamorphosis.

Her singing voice has been described by those in the know as an earthy blend of Nancy Wilson, Mahalia Jackon, Lena Horne, Sassy Vaughan, Eartha Kitt, Etta James and then some – having stated that, it must be emphasized that her style and voice is uniquely her own; you just have to listen to her live to understand and appreciate that uniqueness. Her YouTube clips provide a flavor of the real Live thing. Of course getting her CD is the next best thing.

When she is not touring she is based in Las Vegas, USA where we have several mutual friends in the business who just rave about her Talent – and rightly so!

In one of her many interviews she was asked about her best moment on stage and without hesitation responded, “ I’ve been blessed to have so many over the years but I have to truthfully say the most outstanding of all the best moments was when I opened the concert for B.B.King in Milan, Italy. The even greater joy was that my father got to hear and see me on the same stage for the first time ever!  My Father played in B.B.King’s Band for many years and also always introduced him on stage. B.B. King is like a father to me, he has known me since I was a little girl, and whenever I go to his concerts, he  always calls me up on stage and introduces me as Melvin’s daughter.”


Habaka has many accolades and a great many notables hold her in high esteem. When she headlined with Scott Henderson at a major Blues Festival, after her performance, he drew her to one side and said, “I’m in love with your voice, what a voice, what a voice, so rich.” He is not the first nor will he be the last to make that statement.


Listen to the clips below as she does her unique versions of “The Thrill is Gone”. An apt choice when you consider the B.B.King connection. 


Feel the vibe all the way down to your bones as she creates her unique sorcery with her version of, “I Put A Spell on You”


Listen as she gets Down & Dirty with, “I Sing the Blues”


Check out all her YouTube, FB and other Social Media Links. Prepare your goose-bumps.


In his play, `Twelfth Night ´ Shakespeare wrote, “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them. “   Habaka is a perfect example of all three. 


Enjoy my interview with her as she shares her Passion, Philosophy and Love.