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Jay Scott Berry

The Elegant Artistry of Song


I first met Jay many years ago and watched his Magical talents in awe. A few years later he Produced a Show in Scotland at Falkland Palace which literally drew over 15,000 people. I was honored to be invited to be one of The Head-Liners on the Bill.

Apart from being an International celebrity Magician he is also a talented & an award-winning vocalist, producer and composer with three #1 hits. One of the brightest new stars on the international music scene, his debut vocal album, "Keepsake" is being heralded by DJs, fans around the globe and critics alike as "Fantastic", "Excellent" and "Simply Brilliant!". It is an award-winning album & has produced three #1 singles .

A modern day minstrel and renaissance man, Jay sings from the heart with pure joy and unbridled passion. 

Hollywood's New Music Weekly calls Jay, “One of the hottest new acts on the national and international music scene!” He won the IMN "Best New Artist" Mainstream Music Award and was nominated for 5 major NMW Music Awards:

*Top40 New Artist of the Year
*Top40 Breakthrough Artist of the Year
*Ac/Hot AC Male Artist of the Year
*AC/Hot AC New Artist of the Year
*AC/Hot AC Breakthrough Artist of the Year

Brief Bio


This multi-talented artist has burst onto the international music scene with his debut vocal album, Keepsake. It is being heralded by DJs and critics alike as "Fantastic", "Excellent" and "Simply Brilliant". However, like many "overnight success stories" this one is many years in the making.

The story begins in Reno, Nevada, USA where, at the age of 3, he was put into tap dance class. "I remember the thrill of our first recital like it was yesterday", he reminisces "we were all singing and dancing and the audience was smiling and applauding. It was amazing! All I know is that, somehow, it felt right".

Right, indeed! Jay was a natural, performing in every school play and musical that came along. He was given a magic kit at age 5, performed in his first professional stage play at 7 and joined a school string orchestra at 8. Recognizing a unique set of talents, his music teacher arranged an audition for the exclusive Sierra Boys' Choir.

By his early teens, he was playing guitar and drums, acting, performing magic and singing in musicals. All of this laid an essential foundation for a successful career in show business.

Straight from high school, the limelight beckoned and he moved to Hollywood. Within 3 years, he was performing in Europe and was soon living in Paris.

Many thousands of shows later, Jay is now an internationally acclaimed producera nd entertainer whose successful career has spanned the globe. He has performed on many of the world’s top stages, from Las Vegas to Monte Carlo.

Best known as a master magician, Jay began composing music as soundtracks for his shows. This magical music quickly took on a life of its own and he was soon being recognized as a serious composer. In the 90’s, he produced 3 acclaimed instrumental albums. It wasn’t long before he was in Vienna, composing music for ballet at the Vienna Opera House. One of his compositions was even used as a theme song for an Italian TV show. These timeless, instrumental melodies continue to be used as film, video and theatrical soundtracks.

Now, with the release of Keepsake, the circle comes complete and Jay is back where he began, guitar in hand and singing from the heart. A master showman, he returns to his roots, with the raw passion of a teenager coupled with 30 years of real-world experience: A potent combination, to say the least.

A seasoned professional, Jay takes all this current success in stride.

“I was strongly influenced by John Denver, Neil Diamond and Gordon Lightfoot. This essential, vocal-based, music has always stayed in my heart. I feel truly blessed to now have the opportunity to share it with others.”

If the music on Keepsake is any indication of what this creative artist has in store, then one can certainly suggest that we all have something to look forward to.

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Website: www.jayscottberry.com/#about