Keya Kyea

Keya Kyea has a destiny with the Stars! She is a Bright Light with an international energy in her expressions of Blues, Jazz, Soul, Reggae and Gospel which weaves throughout her melodies and music! Her loving, warm, earthy and sultry tones have enthralled large audiences as well as intimate venues throughout Europe and Africa. Her lyrics, performed in English, French, Spanish, with some African dialects, reflect the experience she has gained performing with many renowned international artists. “It's in mixing cultural differences that we'll have it opening new horizons... in the aim of accompanying Humanity towards its new dawn.” - Keya Kyea

Keya Kyea’s lifelong Love/passion for music began at the age of 7; she began composing and performing her own songs at the age of 19. She has written over 300 songs depicting her Love of life, Mother Earth and all that surrounds her with a deeply Loving and spiritual influence! Since the release of her first album, Keya has embraced a dedicated following! -  by Sadi Broncho (Canada)

The world needs Poets...

Arising from a lifetime of being open and spontaneous enough to allow her dreams and heart trampled on, giving birth to a sound and original voice of Keya Kyea, she begins with the journey leading to the release of her album “Only Love is Real”. We can all feel it. It began years ago... Leaving the world of monetary gain and exposing her soul to what it is to sing for the people, for Love and for global unity. In a world of truly needed artistic singers who are philanthropists, warriors, humanitarian, beat poets, we see a woman emerge out of Europe with enough bluesy soulful material to literally begin to change ones views of where music may take us.

After all, what else would be the purpose of making music ? “I close my eyes and connect inside so that I can sing from my heart and be like an 'antenna' for the Earth and Sky energies to melt in me and be conveyed. Then it's like a trance as I become the conduit for Higher Love and transmit this frequency through my voice. I lose sight of myself and become One with All There Is, from this place in the heart there is no 'i' or 'you' ... Only Love...”

Perhaps a deep Spiritual connection is celebrated in Keya's ability to rock the sound in celebration of life to the tribute song written in honor of the Rainbow Warriors, Native America. Keya's talent in singing in several languages and combined with her experience in performing with many renowned International Artists, Keya takes it one step farther... She still sings just for you.

Known for her performance ability and stage presence, electric and deep, Keya reaches straight to the heart. She wears everything on her sleeve- nothing to hide. Singing with no looking back, no second thoughts, only pure raw feeling.

Keya's lifelong passion from the age of seven now moves into the times of global change and this is indeed her time to be heard. Sharing this review, I know, that in meeting this artist, and great soul, my life has changed. Open your hearts. You will love it. You will love her.

- Dyann Carrington-Sechi (USA)


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D’aussi loin qu’elle s’en souvienne, la musique fait partie de sa vie. Keya Kyea a commencé à composer des chansons à l’âge de sept ans, manifestant très jeune un sens du rythme exceptionnel et, déjà une voix... Cette voix rauque et sauvage mais aussi empreinte de miel, qui fera dire plus tard à certains qu’elle ne correspond pas vraiment à la couleur de sa peau.

Cette artiste aux origines multiples, qui a beaucoup bourlingué, travaillé à Londres, notamment à la BBC, et dont la base fut longtemps Paris, a écrit plus de 300 chansons tout au long d’une carrière qui lui a permis de travailler avec de très grandes pointures de la soul, du gospel, et du jazz ainsi que du reggae.

Elle écrit et en*chante en anglais, en français mais aussi en espagnol, quand elle n’emprunte pas ses mots à quelques dialectes africains, un pays qui vibre en elle et qui explique que beaucoup de ses compagnons d’aventures viennent de là-bas.

La sagesse des premiers peuples de la terre (Natifs amérindiens, aborigenes d'Australie, de la Mongolie ou du Tibet...) a guidé son chemin jusqu'ici et continue de le faire, ce qui fait dire à certains que son dernier album a des airs World Music... Cet album « Only Love is Real », qui sortira en septembre 2012, est le fruit de plus de 20 ans d’expérience et d’une inspiration qui puise à la source de ce que Keya nomme la Conscience Universelle. Le Service à la Terre Mère et à l'humanité est son chemin spirituel même, et ce depuis ses plus jeunes années.

Une belle aventure musicale aux couleurs de l'Arc-en-Ciel avec des titres qui mélangent différentes traditions et cultures, autant de chansons conçues un peu comme des petites lumières qui peuvent nous éclairer dans le passage de l’humanité vers une nouvelle conscience. Au service de l'humanité, elle a été nommée en*chanteuse, titre adopté car il donne une dimension nouvelle à l'acte de chanter.

par Patrick Baumann - Journaliste.