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Lucia Pittalis


by: Anthony Darkstone


Lucia Pittalis modestly describes herself as a painter and makeup artist. As can be seen from the Links below she is indeed much, much more. Originally from Sardinia she has made Rome, Italy, her home for many years. She is an avid fan of Music and her partner is an acknowledged drummer with a Rock Band.


I am honored that she refers to me as “Zio”, which many will know means Uncle in Italian. It is a mark of respect among the more cultured Italian families. I, accordingly, refer to her as “bella nipote” which means “beautiful niece”. She is both unique and unsurpassed in her Art form. It was a gradual progression from Portrait Painter to evolving into what has literally won her International fame.


Her work has been featured on several TV Shows all over the globe and at one time a Japanese TV Company sent a crew over to Rome to especially interview her for a program.


Her prime motivation in leaving Sardinia for Rome was to study to become a Film Make-Up Artist. She accomplished that in a relatively short while & soon began working in the Theater & Film industry.


As with all true Artists who possess a consuming passion she began to stretch the boundaries of Film & Theater make-up and began experimenting on herself attempting to alter her own facial features to produce complete transformations. Each one of these only involves Theatrical make-up & takes several hours to accomplish. I was privileged in those early days to witness,  comment & critique some of those early transformations.


Her passion and inspiration came from a talented Film Star of the bygone early Hollywood era. His name was Lon Chaney and he was referred to as, “The Man of a 1000 Faces”.  A wonderful movie starring the legendary James Cagney on the life of Lon Chaney is well worth watching. Not easy to find but well worth watching.       


As is evidenced in the various Links below she has successfully moved the boundaries of contouring techniques beyond all limits. Her work has been published in a myriad magazines and newspapers, MTV and a host of other Media -  Time, The Daily Mail, The Huffington Post, La Repubblica, il Messaggero – the list is long and diverse...


The greatest most prestigious accolade came from The Stan Winston School of Character Arts.


She gives courses all around the world - Brazil, India, France, Spain, Egypt, Italy to name but a few. She has collaborated on several projects in various countries including The UK, Israel, Egypt, Switzerland, etc. often being invited back several times for other various projects.


When she is not travelling she teaches in Romeur Academy in Rome and is a visiting Tutor at other Schools & Academies.


Her transformations include many Top Names in the Music Industry and it seemed right & fitting for her work to be featured on our Global Music Club site.


Mille Grazie Bella Nipote!




Lucia Pittalis MakeArt

Freelance Make Up Artist , Painter

(Cine-Theatrical Make up, Facepainting - Makeovers - FX)



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