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The Magic Of True Promotion


Just Talent Is Not Enough

by: Anthony Darkstone


Everyone wants to get noticed. It truly doesn’t matter how talented anyone in ShowBusiness may or may not be; but it does matter how the Actor, Dancer, Singer, Musician, Performer, etc, is perceived by the wider audience. This is why Film Studios, Theaters, Producers, etc spend vast sums investing in Promotion, Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing. 

This is precisely why Magical Productions was created. It is a one stop shop for everything Digital and/or Social Media and Promotion.

Magical Productions are part of Digital Biz Cards. As well as creating content for websites and Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc, they also design Logos, Business Cards, Brochures, Posters and other Printed material. They do everything from conception to the actual printing.

They also supply cool Web domain names & Hosting. Notice that Global Music.Club is not a .com or .net but .club. They helped create that cool domain.

If you do not have a Web presence, then a Digital Biz Card is the way to go. It’s a streamlined Website which is optimized especially for Mobile phones. Instant access to Press to dial phone number, Press to e-mail, Press to instant Links to all Social media in a very easy and convenient platform. Check out the Links below to see how effectively it works. 

The main benefits of Digital Biz Cards is that they are much easier to use than a conventional website; they can do everything a normal website can do and more and most of all they work out much cheaper at a fraction of the cost of a Website.

Want to show your videos? Your Music? Photos and the written word? Sell your products? You can do all that from a Digital Biz Card.

Magical Productions create Promotional Videos, Slide-shows and Sales videos ranging from 10 seconds to any duration. They also animate existing Logos for use on the Internet for promos that look super slick and professional. All done by experts with 40+ years of experience.

They understand about budgets. They are skilled at working within a budget. No task is too small and all of their services are affordable. As with most true professional Companies they pride themselves on the fact that they are pleased to have a no- charge non-committal initial discussion.  

One thing is for sure. They can get you noticed.