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What is a cartoonist doing on a music related site? As Taoist philosophy teaches, it is better to understand the question than seek the answer. The answer, should it be sought, is, in this instance, within the word, “related”.

Mike is a member of The National Cartoonist Society and began at the early age of 8 doing Magical entertainment, Cartooning and playing guitar and has been doing just that ever since.

Based in Minnesota, USA, his work has a unique & distinguishable quality that is  immediately recognizable.

As a result, his work has gathered an International fan base and in the last year has appeared in each issue of `The Linking Ring´, the monthly magazine for The International Brotherhood of Magicians. The magazine has a vast global readership and, quite literally, reaches all four compass points on the Globe.  

Mike’s work has and still appears in several newspapers and covers several themes and topics. Often subtle but always funny.


He is the Author of no less than eight cartoon books and samples of his work can be seen via his FB Page where he is best known for "Watermelon Bones" and "Up The Creek!"


He is also an Artist and as one would expect many of his Paintings depict a style that is interestingly unique.

He has also kindly offered to share his work with us and from time to time his cartoons will appear on our FB page. Naturally, they will carry a music related theme.

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