25th HMF III - Dark Oath

25th HardMetalFest

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Dark Oath is a Melodic Death Metal band from Portugal and will perform live on 12 Jan, 2019 at the 25th Hardmetalfest. Founded back in 2009, their current line-up features Sara Leitão - Vocals, Joël Martins - Guitar & Orchestrations, Sérgio Pinheiro - Guitar & Back vocals, Afonso Aguiar - Bass and Tiago Correia - Live drummer.

After releasing 2 EPs (Under a Blackened Sky in 2010 & Journey Back Home in 2012) and undergoing several line-up changes the band felt the need for a full-length record & a more consistent musical identity.

When Fire Engulfs the Earth (released in April, 2016) clearly shows that the band has what it takes in pursue of that identity. I’m looking forward to their live act in January & curious about what they will show their fans on an upcoming second album.