25th HMF VI - Balmog

25th HardMetalFest

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While some spend their lives looking for the Light without ever finding it, others have long ago discovered that first you need to become best friends with the Dark. The dark in the Universe, in the world, in yourself. You will find yourself in Nothingness. In Vacuum.

That’s Balmog: “A strong pillar based on traditional Black Metal, but adding that different perspective”.

If you’re looking for the obscure, for the blackness of the human mind wrapped in indisputable quality… then Balmog is exactly that.

The Spanish band was founded in 2003 by Balc (Guitars/Vocals), Virus (Drums) & Morg (Bass). They recently released their third full length Vacuum (after Testimony of the Abominable in 2012 & Svmma Fide in 2015, besides several splits).

The 6th band to set foot on stage in January at the 25th Hardmetalfest & definitely not a set to be skipped. Let yourself be led into Vacuum…