25th HMF VII - Night In Gales

25th HardMetalFest

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Night In Gales released their 6th album - The Last Sunsets - on 23 Feb 2018 - mixed and mastered by living Death Metal legend Dan Swanö.

So, don't let the name fool you... these Nightingales are as death metal as you can get. Line-up consists of Christian Müller (Vocals), Jens Basten (Guitar), Tobias Bruchmann (Bass), Frank Basten (Guitar) & Adriano Ricci (Drums).

Their debut EP Sylthlike dates back to 1995 and since then the band has seen a few changes and a 10-year break... but they're back & full of energy... and a worldwide deal with Germany´s Apostasy Records for their latest album.

I am pretty sure Night In Gales will be in tune on 12 Jan at the 25th HatdMetalfest. ;)