aeon sable - Interview

“And while the candles burn down and we listen to the sound we’ve created a century ago, we remember the old days… long forgotten memories that no one thinks of anymore. I say – it’s a long road out of hell.” – Nino Sable

Hell, Hades, The Underworld – whatever name - We’ve all been there at some point. Is there a way back? The short answer is: Maybe! Or perhaps maybe not!

There are indeed some long forgotten memories… and in general terms most people have not only forgotten about them but, more than that, they have chosen not to acknowledge that they ever existed. However, they endlessly repeat them in social media – a daily dose of cool wisdom - without ever getting it!

I didn’t use to get it. Until I took up Photography & started dwelling over the mysteries of light & darkness… And I truly learnt that one does not exist without the other… that they are ultimately one and the same thing… same coin – different sides.

You just need to learn how to flip it!

There is Light. There is Darkness. They are the Same. You have to know one to understand the other. Light is, has been and always will be the other side of darkness.

I’m still learning about Photography. I am far from being a great photographer. And I have had my share of valuable life lessons.

Interestingly of all the artists I have met to date, chatted with and interviewed… those who dwell on and in the darkest & most melancholic sounds & words are more often than not the most Life-loving people, with a deep acknowledgement & awareness of what surrounds them… more often than not, they also have a continuous sense of humour!

Long Road Out Of Hell… one of the most beautiful tracks from Aeon Sable’s third album (Aequinoctium).

Aeon Sable are a 100% self-produced band with a highly consistent body of work, having just released their 6th album – Aether - on November 2nd. Previous releases include Per Aspera Ad Astra (2010), Saturn Return (2012), Aequinoctium (2013), Visionaers (2014) & Hypaerion (2016).

Din-Tah Aeon

The band’s line up features Din-Tah Aeon on Guitar, Nino Sable on Vocals, Jo on guitar & Quoth on Bass. Din-Tah Aeon (guitars/programming/production, instrumentalist-songwriter) and Nino Sable (vocals/lyrics/production/ songwriter, graphics & media designer) started Aeon Sable as a studio project in 2010.

In their own words “Din-Tah Aeon and Nino Sable are dedicated in sustaining their inimitable personality by creating and developing a distinctive form of musical art; from composing, recording, mixing and mastering to the artwork, the music video production, the social media and the website - everything is made solely by the band. Allow yourself to enter the world of Aeon Sable and journey with the psychonauts in the darkest realms……

Nino Sable

I have had the opportunity to converse with Nino Sable on several occasions and it’s been delightful every single time. Time for our readers to get to know him & Aeon Sable’s Aether a bit better…

Crow Xp: Welcome, Nino. So, it’s been a “long road out of hell”… How far out are you? As a person as well as lead singer & songwriter for Aeon Sable?

Nino Sable: I am still walking through it. And I believe I will be, as long as I’m on this earth.

Crow Xp: Aeon Sable is a 100% self-produced band… Tell us a bit more about that…

Nino Sable: Aeon Sable is a full-time job. The fact is, Aeon Sable is what it is now because we put all our energy in it and because of the help of a lot of fascinated people - our true fans and supporters. There is no big promotion agency behind Aeon Sable, there is no recording studio, we just went in in order to get our recordings done... All the recordings, the mastering and mixing, all the social media, all the graphics, the design, the layout, the website – all this has to be done by someone. That’s what we do every day – beside our day jobs, family and touring.

Crow Xp: You have just released Aether a few days ago… Have you already had feedback from your fans?

Nino Sable: Oh yes, a few, but as Aether is a hard pill to swallow, crowd feedback may probably take some time...

Crow Xp: The first track & video you released from this album was Follow the Light. I believe filming was done in the city of Porto (Portugal). Why that location in particular?

Nino Sable: Porto... We love Porto. We already played there 2 times and it has always been a blast. The city itself is also very beautiful... As I grew up near Porto, I used to visit Porto every weekend in order to see shows in hard Club (Gaia) and to get all the new CDs at piranha. I also used to visit Comix, the metal bar in my young days. Porto is packed with awesome memories. So... for a song where the lyrics are “do you still listen to your dreams?” there couldn’t have been a better surrounding than the city of Porto which woke up so many dreams in me.

Crow Xp: Interesting… How far has the close contact to both Portuguese & German culture influenced Aeon Sable?

Nino Sable: Aeon Sable is supposed to be seen as an international act. We don’t believe in nations. We believe in humanity and its enlightenment.

But yes, I guess that growing up between two nations and cultures gave me the ability to think outside of the box here and there.

Crow Xp: You have included one track in Portuguese in all of your albums (except the first)… For Aether that track is O Senhor do Medo (The Lord of Fear, in a slightly lose translation). It is recited rather than sung…

Nino Sable: “O Senhor do Medo” is a very special and personal track for me because ... well... “O Senhor do Medo” lives inside of me because I’m dealing with fear for some time. Hidden between beautiful words in the language of Camões and Fernando Pessoa, you will find a metaphoric auto portrait of myself.

For a better understanding, here are the lyrics, here is the song:

Please read and listen to the song before you come back here. Fear, as the opposite of faith, fear destroys everything and it burns out everyone.

Crow Xp: The artwork for that particular track is, I believe, one of the few that was not done by yourself?

Nino Sable: That’s true. I had some some Portuguese help here. While writing the song, I was a bit unsure about my Portuguese writing skills, so I asked my friend Luiza (from the literary magazine Tlön) and she helped me. After having the track, I felt the need of having “O Senhor do Medo” portrayed, that was the moment I saw some drawings of the band “oak” on social media and I loved the drawings. I did a research on them and found out that Pedro Soares was the one behind them. I contacted him and... yeah... this is the way things came together. I am very happy with the result. That’s why we decided to make a limited edition of shirts with the drawing of “O Senhor do Medo”.

Crow Xp: Nice to witness such great collaboration with other artists. As for your own artwork… The Cover background for your first four albums is black… Hypaerion & Aether have white backgrounds…

Nino Sable: Yes – that’s a simple story... as we started with aeon sable, back in 2010, we were used to listen to music wrapped in black. Black metal, Dark Ambient, Gothic Rock. With time, we realized that the brighter the light, the darker the shadow. Of course there were some other paths I started to walk... mostly on the “left hand” and so I, for myself, decided that the brightest white could be the best base for our darkest music.

Crow Xp: It’s also nice to see that all albums include lyrics.

Nino Sable: Yes – we think that Lyrics are something our listeners and fans should get when they buy a record.

Crow Xp: As for the CD Edition of Aether… Where are the lyrics for the first track? With all the heart & professionalism you put into your work… I don’t believe that was something you just forgot to include…

Nino Sable: Haha – thats an interesting question! Well... The first track, the intro, is the Spell of the Hand of Glory and ... for some reason the lyrics are not included on the cd, but on a separately available box of matches (merchandising) we prepared.

Crow Xp: Interesting choice of merch indeed…What about concert dates & other appearances?

Nino Sable: Oh, this year we have 2 more appearances on stages in Germany. 10.11.2018 in Bochum together with a few other bands from our label, at the “solar lodge convention” (with la scaltra, your life on hold and merciful nuns) and then we have another gig in Germany on December 1st at Hamburgs Logo, together with nu:n from Portugal and sonic black holes. In 2019 we are packed with lots of gigs... you can always see all our tourdates on our website or at our facebook site.

Crow Xp: Given your relationship with Portugal, how come Aeon Sable has never performed at Entremuralhas, one of (if not) the biggest Goth Music Festivals in Portugal?

Nino Sable: Oh, that’s a good question. I really don’t know. Maybe we are not goth enough ;-)

Crow Xp: Any special message for all our readers out there?

Nino Sable: I can’t do anything else than thank you. Thanks to all those who support us, all those who carry the flame. Whether you buy our records, you visit our concerts and even those who illegally download our copies and share them with friends in order to make the circle grow. We are here to make music and to give you joy and pleasure and some wonderful tunes for your dreams and nightmares.

Crow Xp: A “soundtrack for dark souls” as you call it… Thank you, Nino. As always, it’s been a pleasure chatting with you.

Nino Sable: Thank you, Crow. It has been a pleasure. I really like what you are doing, and I wish you a lot of luck. Follow the light! ;-)