Aether (aeon sable) - Review

I never tell people what to think. I prefer offering food for thought. I could review a song or an album referring to all the technical stuff, a specific riff, some other detail or categorization; however, it's not how I roll!

I am here to share with you what's out there in the music scene. It may just be that you get to find your new favourite band or artist in one of my reviews, write-ups or interviews.

On 02 Nov. aeon sable release their 6th album entitled Aether. You can listen to Follow the Light, O Senhor do Medo and Burn for Salvation on their site.

I have had the pleasure of chatting a few times about the band & the new album with Nino Sable, one of the founders who is also the Lead Singer & songwriter (among other things) - Full interview/article will be published in Crow's Nest on 09 Nov. on Global Music Club.

I have listened to all the tracks on Aether and I rate it highly! It has all the ingredients for one of the best albums released in 2018.