Agressor - Interview

For all you Black/Death/Thrash Metal lovers... an interview with someone who has been there before they even named it: Alex Colin-Tocquaine from Agressor.

A continuous source of raw energy this band has been around for over 30 years, line-up consisting of Alex COLIN-TOCQUAINE : Guitar/Vocals; Joël GUIGOU : Bass; Michel DUMAS : Guitar & Kevin PARADIS : drums.

I saw them a few months ago and after the show literally asked Alex if he still had a pulse... For those who know Agressor, you'll know what I mean.

Join in on a fun interview and meet Alex's cat in the process. ;)

Below the interview you can also have a look at the shots I took at the venue. Cheers!

Agreesor at 25th HardmetalFest Mangualde

Photo Gallery (Crow Xp)