Basalto - Interview (25th HMF)

Basalto, a Portuguese Metal trio, featuring António Baptista on Guitar, Nuno Mendonça on Bass & João Lugatte on Drums was one of the bands performing at the 25th HardMetalFest last January.

They released their first album (Basalto) in January 2016 & launched Doença (the Portuguese word for Disease) in February 2018.

The sound from within the stone revealed… Powerful riffs… doom, progressive, stoner & mainly instrumental. There’s a great jam session mood when watching Basalto perform on stage… but don’t be fooled… their compositions are carefully thought out, both melodically & conceptually. Doença is contextualized in a beautifully written text by Martim Sousa, which accompanies the CD Edition.

Crow Xp: Welcome, António. I enjoyed your gig last Jan. How‘s things since we last spoke at the 25th HMF?

António Baptista: Hi. Were pretty fine, thanks. We are currently working on our new album “Odor” to be released late this year…

Crow Xp: What did you think of the Festival in general?

António: I grew up with this fest. It’s a fest for friends with a good musical taste. It´s always a pleasure to be part of it.

Crow Xp: Interestingly, as a band, you don’t name your tracks, at least not in the way people are used to…

António: Yeah, it´s true. In the beginning it was because we didn´t really have any vocals, and then now we got some lyrics sometimes, we just keep it the same way. We got to keep some traditions. eheh

Crow Xp: You played songs mainly taken from Doença (your second album) - Interesting choice of name by the way.

António: Yeah, we really donn´t perform anything from our first album anymore. We really don´t play that material as much. Doença was some kind of concept that appeared in the pre-production. So we just keep things going around that idea.

Crow Xp: You are a mainly instrumental band. Was that something the band discussed thoroughly or did it just feel right?

António: Both things. We don´t really care about how it´s done, it just has to be the way we want.

Crow Xp: Any future gigs?

António: Yeah, about 5 or 6, but I can only talk right now about Bunker Metal Fest in March. It will be awesome to return to Salamanca.

Crow Xp: Nice chat. Hope to see you playing live again sometime soon.

António: Of Course, we keep in touch and we see us around. Thank you very much for the support!!