Convulse - Interview

There seems to be a general antipathy towards more extreme forms of Heavy Metal that puzzles me and possibly others. The way graphic violence is overexploited in movies & video games I guess it must really confuse people or certainly give them pause for thought… Genres like Death or Doom Metal haven’t become mainstream…

Lyrics & video clips are “Parental Advisory Explicit Content” while news & documentary channels explore all the gory details of a plane crash or car accident.

Some find this hypocritical, others find it entertaining.

“Where will we be when the last day calls for us?”… Definitely food for thought delivered by Convulse in their latest track called “The Summoning”.

Convulse features Rami Jämsä on Guitar & Vocals, Juha Telenius on Bass & Rolle Markos on Drums. Around since 1990 they have been developing their own style in what promises to be a fantastic new album, judging from the first track released back in June.

Busy as life is… There’s always time for a chat… this time with Rami.

Crow Xp: Welcome, Rami. Tell us a bit more about Convulse,

Rami: Convulse was founded in 1990 as a death metal band from the start. We released our first demo tape 1990 “Resuscitation of Evilness” and we sold and shipped about 1500 tapes to all around the world. It led to a record deal with French Trash Records and our debut album “World Without God” saw daylight in 1991. We released our second album trough Relapse Records 1994 (which had already been recorded in 1992) and split up. After a long hiatus we came back together in 2012 and since then we have released one EP and two full length albums through Svart Records and played dozens of shows internationally. The style has developed from old school death metal to progressive death metal.

Crow Xp: How did the band start? And what made you choose the name “Convulse”? (which by the way is a great name for a Death Metal band in my opinion)

Rami: We had played together since 1988, but we changed name and style from thrash metal to death metal in the beginning of 1990. I still remember the day I found death metal and it was quite a shock. I suppose the name Convulse describes our raw death metal style very well.

Crow Xp: You have not released any new songs in a while, but you have been performing, as for example in a major metal festival in Portugal last year… where else will you be playing and do you have any plans for new material?

Rami: We have slowly written new material over the last year and we´ve been rehearsing actively all the time. At this stage we have five new songs ready and we´ll record a new Convulse album in Spring 2019. We have already recorded one new track called “The Summoning” which was digitally released last June 4. We play gigs mostly abroad and we just played at Belgium Metal Mean Festival on 18.8.2018. We will also be playing two gigs in Japan next October.

Crow Xp: You have a long history together as a band. How do you manage that?

Rami: I don´t know about other bands, but as long as we have the passion to write new music, we go on and Convulse stays on the map. We have been a trio from 2014 and it brought a lot of good things for our band and music. I love to play old tunes as well, but we are not only a nostalgic jukebox. We also have enough courage to do what we want to do.

Crow Xp: Which would you consider to be turning points or breakthroughs for Convulse so far?

Rami: I don´t know about the breakthrough, but the whole journey has been amazing. I couldn´t have imagined in the beginning of the 90´s that Convulse would still be active in 2018! Of course the first recording contract and debut album release is something I will never forget. It´s also very enjoyable to see how much our fans like to see us perform our old material, sometimes new material also.

Crow Xp: Which were the major obstacles to building the band’s career?

Rami: Some may say that the mandatory military service in 1993 broke the band and the career, but I consider that we had already started to drift apart in 1992 with different musical ambitions and different will with rehearsing activity and so on. When I look back to our career, I am just satisfied with the way we can work together now, making new music and playing shows just enough to keep things easy and enjoyable for all of us.

Crow Xp: What piece of advice would you give to a “newborn” band?

Rami: Miracles can happen, if you have enough passion about your own music. Play together and play more together. Forget a little bit about yourself and give your band mates space. If you find yourselves together, your journey will be memorable.

Crow Xp: Any message for all your fans out there?

Rami: Stay in touch. Support your local musicians and your bigger idols as well. Convulse is still with you and we have many miles to play.

Crow Xp: That’s good to hear. Looking forward to the new album & gigs.