DARK EUROPA - A Compilation of Collaborative Tracks

From time to time I like chatting with my friend Marcel from Miel Noir. He always has some interesting projects going on.

And that's how I learned about Dark Europa.

I will let Marcel tell you all about it:

"August 26, 2018 - It is a highlight of a creative person’s life when a project takes on a direction and dimension of its own. This rarely happens in connection with a compilation, but DARK EUROPA is an exception. When Miel Noir approached PANICMACHINE with a cross-border and cross genre collaboration, something special was set in motion. The artists involved were taken on an adventure through a constantly changing, but amazingly cohesive soundscape.

Bands and projects from 9 different countries came together to take the listeners on a sonic journey through the dark music styles of Europe. All 17 tracks on this compilation are collaborative efforts between two different bands/projects. This compilation offers a wide variety of styles from dark electro in various forms to dark folk, from experimental ambient to dark metal, from industrial to ritual wave and beyond.

The participants include Allerseelen, Chaos Research (project of Marko "Gravehill" Hautamäki from Two Witches), Choronzon, Extreme Chromo (founded by past multi-instrumentalist for NIK TURNER (Hawkwind) projects; with a transfer loan playing Guitar for Alien Sex Fiend, later founding team Extreme Chromo., Jurica Jelic, Laguz Rune, Love The Ghost, Miel Noir, P. Emerson Williams (past collaborations include Jarboe, John Zewizz, Manes), Phobos Reactor (project of Oliver from Insect Plasma), snowW.Wwhite, several members of TONTTU, Veil of Thorns, and Winterhart (project of Falgalas & Wagner from Dance or Die / Darkness on Demand).

You can get the Special Edition physical CD version of the release at multiple outlets. Team captains at Extreme Chromo, TONTTU, Miel Noir and P. Emerson Williams can all                           deliver your physical CD fix. 

Digital version of the compilation for free via Panicmachine at ​https://digital.panicmachine.com 

Enjoy your trip through DARK EUROPA!"

Needless to say Global Music Club will soon be featuring an Interview with Marcel on Miel Noir & some other very interesting projects. Until then Enjoy that trip!