Deeper Than Below by Sometime The Wolf (Review by Stuart Turnbull)

From Here And Earth by Sometime The Wolf was undoubtedly one of the best albums released in 2019.

Stuart Turnbull had already reviewed the whole album for Global Music Club, But I believe it's well worth reading what he has to say on one of the songs in particular:

Deeper Than Below



Ethereal and darkly atmospheric. Feel the gripping chill of tortured emotion. Lost but never forgotten.. a whispered message, a promise carried on the frost laden breeze. Here is the latest outpouring from Sometime The Wolf. A delicious taste upon the senses, a cold realisation for the emptied mind and a snowy vista that feeds the tearful eye.

A short journey through the dense forest of the underworld... visions of something not quite realised in colour, hallucinatory and tantalizing. This song, this rendition is taken from the epic debut album From Here And Earth... presented beautifully in monochrome on video and accompanied with lyrics. It tugs at the heart and washes cold over the headspace.... a yearning for something or someone lost.

The visual effects and ghostly imagery revive all those memories we all store locked away born of previous dark times, tragedy and failure. A lost love. I draw away from the immediate dreamscape of mental confusion and I'm realising that I need to see and hear this again and again... a need to confirm something... to find an answer buried therein. This song simply draws you close, embraces you, comforts and feeds. I guess I should allow it to take me on, take me from this place, rescue my soul and bury me deep within.

"Is this my heaven?" Indeed it is.

by Stuart Turnbull