From Here And Earth by Sometime the Wolf - Review by Stuart Turnbull

I interviewed Sometime the Wolf [Interview here] some time ago as you may remember. Well, their latest album From Here And Earth saw the light of night at The Album Launch Party on Sep 7 in Leeds. And it was a huge success.

The wolves have come to stay.

As it happens, STW asked Stuart Turnbull to write a review on it. I met him a couple of years ago and I have always enjoyed his posts and comments.

I loved the read and am happy to announce that Stuart will be collaborating with us with his insights on many other releases.

Looking forward to read you, Stuart! Welcome on board.

That being said, enjoy his review of From Here And Earth and have a listen to the album. You will not regret it.

From Here and Earth by Sometime the Wolf - Review by Stuart Turnbull

I've been given the honour of presenting a full and honest review of the debut album from Sometime The Wolf. The band sent me (Landstar Management), a promo copy of From Here And Earth.... a body of work keenly anticipated by their growing followers. I have kept an eye on this band for some months now. This Preston based outfit are... in my view, a pure form of the genre. An elegantly cut, yet beautifully rough, diamond of that delicious darkwave gothic prog-metal mixture.... an elixir for the heart and soul that sits firmly in 2019 yet yearns for 1989.

I spin the album and sit in the dark.... it begins. STW draw you in... down into their comfy world with Earth Wane. A hymn for the wandering soul.. or is that the trick? A sense of false security? The latter it appears as I'm pulled towards deeper and darker sonic excesses with Anna and Samaria. The movements and arrangements tease the mind and seem to offer one way, one avenue, then dance you down another. It can be ever so easy to get lost in this mysterious melange of light and darkness. Musically, STW are masters of their craft, at a whim.... caress the soul with a joyous flight then mug you, down those cold dark alleyways... a grinding of guitar and a twist of tempo... a flick- knife attack. Drew has that vocal talent reminiscent of Carl McCoy.... that horror flick grit and growl yet a gentleness and melodic twist that offers a sweet serenade through the mist. Highs and lows.. anger and sensuality that draw you in.

The album reaches a peak with Ashes and Dancing With Her Shadow. The former... a pulsating full-on rock composition of dark and devilish delights. I hereby admit to playing this particular track back again 3 times over. A captivating song... it grabs you by the throat and drags you out of the prog-rock delirium you've fallen're suddenly run aground and battered on the rocks of a new shore.

Then slipping into the warm and comforting arms of Dancing With Her Shadow. Perhaps the highlight of the album. I'm taken on a ride through lost memories.. back, back to when goth rock had its Halcyon days... a song constructed so beautifully from the library of Elysium era FOTN and remixed and rebooted for Mourning Sun. I'm flying... I'm gliding..on my magic carpet and dreaming of my own Sumerland. Drew's soaring vocals are the power and the light in this monumental effort. This track offers all that I could desire and fills the soul with a joyous anthemic booster jab of sonic pleasure. Can I possibly experience more? Indeed so..

The band have cleverly arranged the tracks such that from this lofty place.. I'm danced and serenaded along the mountain paths that lead me down... safely home.

Deeper than Below and drifting seamlessly into Wish.... a complete celebration of what Sometime The Wolf are all about. A band with a musical roadmap. Its clear and satnav correct...

There's no darkness in the room now, only a warming light from the distant ceiling and I'm left with the feeling that someone has shown me a masterpiece. A new way... a positive way... a way From Here And Earth.

5 gold stars and a nod from this office xx

by Stuart Turnbull

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