Gaijas - Interview

Always feels good adding another to Crow's Nest. Feels even better sharing with you all. I truly enjoy bringing interesting items & stories to a wider audience such as ours. Established Bands, ones that have been about for just a little while and of course the ones starting out too! Always a delight to be part of their journey as they move forward. Share my delight as you explore Gaijas - An all-female Cover Band on their transition to original tracks.

Line-up consists of Ana Teresa Rodrigues (Vox), Mariana Rosa (Guitar), Raquel Narciso (Bass) & Sonia Cabrita (Drums). Sonia “Little B” Cabrita is the band member I sat down with for a chat.

Crow Xp: Welcome, Sonia… “Little B”.

Sonia: Thank you for the invitation.

Crow Xp: Give us some background on Gaijas.

Sonia: Gaijas are a female rock band. It started in October 2014 as a tribute to women in rock. We had different formations until we became what we are today. Me and the singer are original members - bass and guitar have been changing, but now we got the perfect harmony.

We´ve been traveling all over Portugal, it has been great to grow together and know each other.

Crow Xp: So, it’s female singer covers only. Which songs make it to your set list & which don’t? I’m interested in the process the band goes through.

Sonia: It’s not only female singers, it’s female bands , but yes at least the singer has to be a girl, or an instrumentalist that was or is important to the history of Women in the rock world.

Basically me and Ana Teresa did the set list, we try to choose wisely to cover as much as we can (but still a lot to cover.) and to be classy (tricky this word).

We also choose songs that are best for Ana´s vocal chords, and make her shine and give the attitude and emphases that she likes and gives it all up to the audience and we feel it as a band.

Crow Xp: There’s a wide age range in your band members… How does that add to the band as a whole?

Sonia: Well, yes we have quite a big distance in age. It’s funny somehow. Ana (21 years old) and Raquel (19 years old) they are not far away from each other, they are young and rebel, they have an attitude towards life and they are fresh!!! Very emotional.

Mariana is 27 years old. She has much more experience. She’s been more time in the professional world as a musician, played with a lot of people, very spontaneous, her mind is very clear about things, she´s very fair when she sees a situation, and she´s very rational, basically down to earth.

Me... well not telling my age ahahahahaa. But I guess I´m the glue in between.

More calm, more experienced with life, but at the end I wanna be a teenager… kind of, ahahah.

Crow Xp: You are stepping up… I hear some original tracks are on their way.

Sonia: Yes, we wanna grow, and develop our own talents together in a creative way, we wanna stop slowly with the covers, and step up, play in a festival, bigger stages and all that comes along.

Crow Xp: So, when can we expect a debut track?

Sonia: We started working this year, we have now a few songs made, we have lots of ideas going on, just have to work on it and hope that till the end of this year we can have at least 20 to 30 songs, so we can choose what is better for us to record.

It’s a long process, takes time and patience and inspiration also.

And because we all live in different parts of the country we have to be very organized to meet and work.

So far it is going well.

Crow Xp: You are also a drum teacher… How does it feel to influence a new generation of potential professional drummers?

Sonia: Yes, I´m a teacher for more than 10 years now.

It feels great when you see a student of yours taking the first steps in drumming and making their own thing, very gratifying, I have a few now who are “flying”.

Crow Xp: Thanks for the lovely chat, Sonia. Looking forward to your debut album. Keep us posted.

Sonia: Thank you so much for this conversation and invitation again. All the best to you.


Little B.