Gwydion stand tall on stage. That is a fact. To watch Gwydion perform live is to enter a world of raw Celtic energy. Their lyrics sweat Celtic, Nordic and Portuguese mythology riding powerful riffs. If you have already listened to Veteran (their third album) you know what I’m talking about. For those who haven’t… it features the journey of a warrior.

July 2018 saw the release of Thirteen Gwydion’s 4th album. The official show was held at the RCA Club in Lisbon… and the audience went berserk… the debut track Thirteen Days hit the audience like Thor’s Hammer!

Founded in 1995, Gwydion is a Portuguese Epic & Folk Metal band from the beautiful city of Lisbon. In 2007 they signed with the German record label Trollzorn and participated in the RAGNAROK AASKEREIA'S TOUR, promoted by Napalm Records, along with names like Tyr, Hollenthon, Alestorm & Svartsot. The current line-up features Pedro Dias (vocals), Daniel César (keyboards), Miguel Kaveirinha (lead guitar), João Paulo (rhythm guitar), Bruno Henriques aka Ezz (Bass) and Pedro Correia (drums).