Iamwarface - Interview

Having been considered “the best Numan supporting act in fifteen years” (IAM)WARFACE are on a roll. In 2018 they have toured sold out support gigs with Gary Numan & released their Debut Album Atomic White Gold. And they played exclusive live sessions on BBC.

Featuring Matt Warneford, Lou Matthews, Tom Howe, Mike Smith and Adam Stanley. (IAM)WARFACE is an Electro Rock Band formed in the UK in 2016. Innovative in music & stage performance their release of the single Closer in July already sets the tone for Fear the Future to be released March 2019. They were awarded Artist of the Year with Starlight Musical Chronicles.

When I met Matt Warneford we sat down for a chilled chat on the band & a few other projects he is involved in.

Crow Xp: Welcome, Matt. You are basically a concept artist. I trust the choice of the band’s name was influenced by that to a certain extent?

Matt Warneford: Actually no in fact. The name came from a play of words with my surname which is warneford. I changed my name to matt warface one day on Facebook and the warface thing kind of stuck. When I was thinking of a name for my band, warface just popped in there. Soon afterwards however, I learned that there are multiple bands called Warface so my lovely friend Maryanne from NYC suggested I add the “IAM” to the beginning. That’s how the name came to be.

Crow Xp: Interesting. You have quite a record for a band with 2 years of existence. Great ride, huh?

Matt: Yeah, it certainly has been. It’s also been a very slow burn as well. Trying to build a fan base from scratch is very hard work but it seems to be paying off.

Crow Xp: Certainly seems so…Tell us some more about touring with Gary Numan

Matt: Well I was on my way to Amsterdam for a stag weekend, and whilst in the cab on the way to the airport, I was checking my emails and there was a new one from “Numan” asking if we’d like to support him. To say I was blown away is an understatement. He’d heard of us through one of his friends. So of course we accepted and in late July 2017 we supported him a few times up the north of England. It was an absolutely awesome experience and the reception was outstanding.

Crow Xp: Great break! What are the topics you most focus on in your lyrics?

Matt: I’d say mostly my lyrics are from a personal view, intro-respective based on my feelings at the time. I think I’m a little bit bi-polar as my moods swing from very happy to extremely low very quickly so it’s always a bit difficult keeping track of my current emotional state. As a result I do find lyric writing difficult sometimes. Once it flows it flows though.

Crow Xp: There is an obvious theatrical element in your live performances… I particularly enjoy your use of Neon lights… What else is in store for future performances?

Matt: I suppose at the moment we will just carry on developing the live shows and ultraviolet thing. As we become bigger, the budget will also increase. I’d like to involve the audience a bit more at our shows so we may start getting people to paint themselves up before the show, which would actually be pretty awesome.

Crow Xp: How has your audience responded to Closer?

Matt: The response has been phenomenal so far. I knew we had something very special the moment we started shooting the first scene of the video with Simona Martini. I got instant chills and almost burst out in tears just from her performance. Absolutely stunning stuff. She is a true pro and also an incredibly warm and beautiful person. A lot of people cry when they watch the video. I guess that means we’re doing something right.

Crow Xp: Certainly does. Fear the Future is scheduled to be released March 2019. What can we expect?

Matt: Fear The Future is certainly a departure from Closer for sure. It’s a more aggressive sound but no less emotional. And the video is very very dark and disturbing. I think it’s going to shock a few people.

Crow Xp: Looking forward to it. Let’s talk a bit about you… You do the artwork for the band?

Matt: I do indeed.

Crow Xp: And you have a very interesting art project… IAMDRAWFACE… Tell us about that.

Matt: Well, Iamdrawface is kind of my artist off-shoot for the band. It just made sense to keep it all in-brand name-wise. I enjoy just letting my mind go blank and then subliminally letting my art paint itself. It is almost how I write music too. The moment you start second guessing yourself, you lose the flow. It’s kind of hard to get into that state but once you do it’s awesome. I also do commissions and sell prints of my work. You can see more at http://iamdrawface.onuniverse.com

Crow Xp: So, besides the launch of the new album what can your fans expect in 2019? (I believe Warfarians is the correct term. ☺)

Matt: We are just going to carry on building our fan base and trying to spread the word. More shows, more music and videos. I deffo wanna be a lot more prolific this year as it’s been a slow couple of years just trying to establish ourselves. So there will definitely be a lot more content coming soon. We will also be releasing our debut album in the summer.

Crow Xp: Looking forward to that. Great chatting with you, Matt. Wishing you much success for 2019!

Matt: Thank you very much x