Jeff Berlin - Interview (Video)

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Often in life there are those wonderful unexpected moments that appear out of nowhere that educate, uplift & inspire.

Jeff Berlin

Often as a prelude to my articles I personally meet with or chat via Skype to the Band or Musician. I was delighted to have one such opportunity with no less than Jeff Berlin who, many will know, is considered as one of the Leading lights on the Bass Guitar. For those who may not immediately recognize the name, Jeff is an American jazz fusion electric bass player, best known for playing and recording with Bill Bruford's Band in the late 70's. He has recorded and/or performed with several well-known names such as Bill Evans, John McLaughlin, Gil Evans, Celiz Cruz, Trilok Gurtu, Kazumi Watanabe, Van Halen and a Host of other Top names.

Usually I chat, make notes and then write my article. However, it became apparent to me with a few minutes of our conversation that there was no way that mere words of mine could convey his passion, his love and above all his unique approach to Music. Fortunately, I was smart enough to realize I was in the presence of true greatness. I therefore made the unilateral decision to not write anything and let the passion, love, wisdom and sheer genius flow directly from him. I showed the clip to my colleagues at Global Music Club and they agreed wholeheartedly with my decision.

Whether you are a Bass player or any other kind of Musician or Singer I'll wager you will benefit from this MasterClass. Enjoy.