Kilian Noise & Friends of Dark - Interview

A stranger is a smile about to be smiled

And a hug about to be exchanged

Mind the words of every stranger you meet

They may be the words of your brother

For a stranger is but a brother

You have not yet met

I wrote this a few years back for a friend & I was reminded of it during a chilled chat with Kilian Noise... Never heard of him & Friends of Dark? My point exactly!

Kilian Noise & Friends of Dark have released one single so far – The Hell of Dreaming – on 27 Sep 2018.

My first thought upon listening to it actually was: Quite interesting, but a bit rough around the edges. Nevertheless it caught my attention. Something unique about it.Even more so when the rough edges were explained by a small paragraph accompanying the song on their website:

The Hell of Dreaming is made by own production. We know that it is not the best quality possible but it has been made with no costs to make a song describing how we sound and which one is our genre.

Crow Xp: Welcome, Kilian. You are a Spanish singer, song writer, guitar player & drummer who went to the UK and started the project Kilian Noise & Friends of Dark… Quite a trip! Tell us about that.

Kilian Noise: Hey Crow, thank you for your kindness and for interviewing me. I started to play the drums over more than ten years now and after that I started to write my own songs with the guitar four years ago in my hometown, Barcelona, in Spain. Then I started a band called “Broken Hearts” but with another singer called Ángel Capdevila. At that moment I thought that the music scene in Spain was not in a good moment, there’s a lot of people that follow the bands in Barcelona but not a lot of venues give you the opportunity to play so I moved to London, UK to relaunch my project with only me as a singer and guitarist.

Then I met Oli - an incredible bass guitar player and really cool guy and our last drummer before Rémi. Adrian, Oli and I formed Kilian Noise & Friends of Dark. Adrian is a really good guy and drummer but because of some problems regarding how we wanted to focus on this project sadly we had to change drummers and try a new one. So then we met Rémi - an amazing drummer with a lot of technique and knowledge of music and that is our current line up.

Crow Xp: You have released one raw-edited single so far with the intention of “describing how we sound”. That’s quite a courageous step. What made you decide on that approach?

Kilian: Well, first of all I have to say that when we started to play, even our best friends didn’t know how we sounded and because we don’t have a specific genre, I couldn’t say that we sound like Nirvana or any other famous band. As well, I got tired of showing the recordings that I made with the phone. Nothing sounds good if is recorded with the phone. So, I started to study by my own how to record a song and in less than one month we recorded “The Hell of Dreaming” in my room and we shared it on Spotify, Bandcamp and Youtube.

Crow Xp: Your own genre is having no specific genre… Although you present yourself as Alternative Metal the lack of boundaries is noticeable. That & having stated Iron Maiden & Johnny Cash as musical influences…

Kilian: Yes, there’s no limits on our music, from songs that could be in a power metal band like “Thereth’s Song” to songs that even Ed Sheeran could sing, like “Shake me in the night”. Something that I felt when I started to watch bands in London is that a lot of them have really virtuous musicians and they do really good songs but on the other hand they make you feel in a concert that you are listening to the same song over and over again. There’s no ups and downs. Most of the time you have two options: you can go to a metal concert that from the first song makes you move your head fast and in the fourth song you are already exhausted and you start to feel bored about being listening to the same kind of guitar riff for an hour; or you can go to a soft band and at the song number ten you already fell I broke that rule.

Why are bands doing concerts? Is it not to make you have a good time? To show you different music and a different show… something you have never seen, so why not put a slow song in the middle of two punk songs to make you rest, watch another face of the band that you are watching, another feeling. Because we are humans, we all have different feelings, so that’s why I choose to not have a specific genre. We need songs of revolution like “The Casualties” does, songs about love, prison like the “Johnny Cash” songs and all the feelings and thoughts that we can have.

Crow Xp: What can our readers find in The Hell of Dreaming?

Kilian: First of all a proof that it is possible to record a band with not much cost and with a better quality than a phone recording. Secondly and more important, The Hell of Dreaming is a sample that dreams are not easy… If you wanna do something big, something different from the usual you have to put your 150% on that & be prepared for a lot of things that will try to stop you, to keep you out but you have to keep fighting for your dreams and projects, no matter what everyone says. And there will be people against your ideas and other people will be there for you, but you have to let them know that if they wanna share life with you it is not gonna be easy, because you have to fight for this dream.

Crow Xp: How about an EP or full length album? I believe it’s in preparation?

Kilian: Basically we are waiting to have enough money to do it. Our plan is go to Barcelona to record an album in Wheel Sound Studio with Txosse Ruiz, a sound engineer. He is a really cool guy who has recorded a lot of bands and the final mix that you can get with him is amazing, really cool stuff. In theory it’s gonna be a ten-track album but I have not decided yet and the album is gonna be called “Fall in Love With the Devil”, a perfect name to show our mix between Love and the Dark, the power songs and the soft ones.

Crow Xp: This lack of boundaries & crossing genres in the musical arrangements… Are they reflected also by the lyrics you write?

Kilian: Yes, they are. I’m really fanatic about the poems songs. Songwriters like Kurt Cobain, Bob Dylan, Bruce Dickinson they are some of my favourites. Kurt Cobain explaining something and nothing at the same time, Bob Dylan protesting with fiction characters covering the meaning and Bruce Dickinson singing you stories about demons, darkness, medieval battles. I love them. One identity that you can find in my lyrics is that they don’t have one meaning only, they have two or even more. I sing about dragons, fairies, darkness, demons... but at the same time I speak about love, missing, dreams, joy, freedom, fight, etc.

Crow Xp: Who are Friends of Dark? And why that name?

Kilian: The story is kind of funny. I was on Camden Street one day, just after a rehearsal that I was doing and my brother saw me, he called me screaming “my friend of dark” that is actually one piece of the lyrics of the song “World of Fairies”, that’s why he screamed that. And in the evening I was thinking about a name for the band and I thought “Friends of Dark” - what a cool name. The question would be: Who is dark? We are not friends of the darkness, friends of dark things, etc. We are friends of dark, so Dark is someone. This is something that we are building so I’m not gonna say more about it now… but I will at some point in the future.

Crow Xp: Finding a band’s identity & purpose… What’s your experience on that?

Kilian: Well, it is really hard to find people that agree on what you wanna do with your band, I feel really lucky with Oli because he is one of my best supporters and I know I can count on him. A Band’s identity… I think everybody makes progress, all the bands that started 6 years ago have a complete different identity now. I am still trying to find mine and I think it will take longer to find a complete identity for the band. We know what we want to do and how to do it, but who knows how we are going to be 6 years from now.

Crow Xp: What’s the most fun part?

Kilian: Honestly, I enjoy everything but the most fun part I would say, the gigs. We always do something new on gigs and it has started to become a game of: what is the maddest thing that are we gonna do tonight? Let’s see. Composing and rehearsals are fun as well but there are always surprises on stage and it is lovely to see how the audience reacts to what we do.

Crow Xp: I hope we will hear more from you. You have an interesting approach. Will be interesting to check out your album when it comes out. Keep me posted on updates. ;)

Kilian: It has been a pleasure be to do this interview and hopefully we will speak soon with more news about tours, maybe an album done and a second one planned or something. Thanks a lot for everything Crow.