"Let It Goddam Be" by The Van Allen Belt - Album Review by Stuart Turnbull

Oh my God... You hear something new for that first time and that strange feeling that completely envelopes you...brings back a flood of tangled messages and memories? Yes... that very thing.

It's instantaneous when you spin this album. I'm lost in thoughts of how to describe this monster....where the hell do I start!? It's a crazy mixed up scene.. the man with no name canters into the dusty border town to a soundtrack of Ennio Morricone... it's another Spaghetti western from the Sergio Leone collection. But no.... it's also a full on gangster B movie with swirling psychedelic themes and choppy choral snatches reminiscent of Tarantino.

The compositions in this short 6 track album are both subtle and gripping... chirpy pop and ambient headspace anthems... one time a kind of mid Atlantic alternative synth-pop and then quirky rhythmic electronica from that Bristol scene.... think acid jazz and Morchiba.

The first track is so much more than it's initial conversation with your head...it draws on deep embedded memories of matinee gunfight movies... the perfect soundtrack to the genre. There's a well woven musical storyline herein that flows gently from 1860s El Paso to 1960s London.... how exactly did they do that?

The following 5 tracks meander gracefully twixt alternative pop and ambience. I could hear traces of many genre herein ...everything from Early 60s psychedelic themes... Mamas and Pappas all the way to Jonathan Sharp's epic Indigo Bridge acid jazz anthems.

This album is very darkly atmospheric... it's twisting turning themes play aural hallucinogenic games with the mind. A veritable feast of potential Hollywood soundtracks served with a tasty platter of alternative pop.

My only gripe.... it's just too short!! I'm fully relaxed into the zone.. and it draws to a close. Leave them wanting more? I guess a good devise.. it worked on me.

Stuart Turnbull

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