Long Night - Interview

Sometimes you feel alone in the world. And then you hear a song… And someone has managed to put into words just what you are feeling. The exact right words. Not close enough… Not just about. Exact!

And they have decided to share their own little piece of magic with you… letting you know that you are not alone. Each song is a gift.

As the song I am talking about will not be released for now you’ll have to wait.

But… I can show you another track already released. Surreal & beautiful.

Long Night released their debut album – Sorrow Returns – in 2016 and are now back with their new album Barren Land, scheduled to be released on 08 Dec. Line-up consists of Østen (Vocals), Arni Sørlie (Guitars) & Tommy Olsson (Guitars).

Members’ backgrounds include acts such as The Morendoes, Theatre of Tragedy, Tristania, Elusive & Desspo.

I have listened to the whole album before its release and went on to interview Tommy Olsson - guitarist, songwriter & producer at Long Night. I won’t disclose anything on the new album, rather than it’s definitely worth spending time with… a rich aroma of different sounds.

Let’s see if we can squeeze a bit more out of Tommy.

It's time to get on the train, the Long Night is coming.

Crow Xp: Welcome, Tommy. Nice to have you here.

Tommy: Thank you!

Crow Xp: Long Night is releasing the album – Barren Land – on 08 Dec. Big day coming, huh?

Tommy Olsson

Tommy: It feels good, we made it!

Crow Xp: I know for a fact you spent 8 years working on this album…

Tommy: Oh we did indeed, life has a way of getting IN the WAY every now and then…Anyways, 5 songs from those early sessions ended up as the Sorrow Return Ep released in 2016 so in the end only 1 or 2 made it to the album. It's been a journey.

Crow Xp: How does it feel to let it go? To share it with the world?

Tommy: I think now we are very ready to let it go. The moment of doubt is usually when all the mixes are ready and you have all the songs lined up but that was 3 months ago so definitely ready to share it now.

Crow Xp: As you know, I have a passion for Photography. Ansel Adams once said “A true photograph need not be explained, nor can it be contained in words.” In your opinion, does that apply to a ‘true song’?

Tommy:It does and it's usually why I avoid reading about artists talking about their songs, it easily ruins the magic.

Crow Xp: True enough… But, some songs are obviously harder to do than others. Which of the new songs would you say were a handful?

Tommy: For me personally lyrics are always the hardest part, I can sit around for 6 months staring at a piece blank paper because I think I will come up with something in the league of say Leonard Cohen or Nick Cave, haha as if… then I get desperate and if I'm lucky there might be rhymes in it.

As for recording I would have to say the song Barren Land was a tough one to get to sit right and the acoustic 12 string drone on Black River makes my hand hurt just thinking of it.

Crow Xp: Haha! What about tour dates for the new album? And contacts?

Tommy: We're having a release party in Stavanger the 14th of December and then there's a few European dates in the works for next year with hopefully a lot more to come.

Crow Xp: Tell us a bit more about the other projects you & the other band members were/are involved in.


Tommy: Lets see, Arni has a solo project called Mellow Currents and a metal band called Steelburner. I do guitars for a band called October Burns Black and Østen has a full google calendar.

Crow Xp: October Burns Black… On my to-do list! By the way, what’s your favourite part in the process? Songwriting or performing a song you wrote? I know it’s not exactly interviews.

Tommy: Songwriting, I find being on stage performing to be a terrifying experience but every now and then you get those moments where it's the perfect drug. Interviews, somewhere inbetween.

Crow Xp: What do you like most about your country – Norway? And how is the music scene over there? Any particular bands/artists you would recommend to our listeners, besides Long Night, of course.

Tommy: Can't really speak on Norway as a whole but what I like best about where I live (sort of out in the woods) is the silence and the nature.

Music.. Kal-El from Stavanger, (spacestoner rock) is pretty cool and I heard a band here the other day called The Murder Mystery (doomsday pop) that I plan to check out a bit more.


Crow Xp: I’m really going for another quote, this time by Imogen Cunningham: “Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow.” I bet you are already thinking about new projects…

Tommy: There's no such thing as a perfect song but the desire to write it doesn’t' go away, got lots of ideas that I'd like for us to explore but we just finished setting up our live set consisting of 20 songs or so and I was told by Arni that I'm not allowed to start working on something new for the foreseeable future... but we'll see...

Crow Xp: Well, I hope you don’t listen to Arni. Haha! Thanks, Tommy. I wish you all the best for your new album.

Tommy: Thank you!