Necro Seizure - Interview

Do you believe in coincidences? Or are there times that they just seem too many to be coincidental? Makes you wonder sometimes, right?

Well, I got a lot of ‘coincidences’ in my life. I will let you in on one of the latest:

Necro Seizure

Watching Steve Grimmett’s Grim Reaper perform live and on the same day interviewing another band about their soon to be released EP… featuring a track called Mortal Fears which is about The Ankou. What’s the connection? Go & do some diggin’ ;)

Necro Seizure is a Death Metal band from the UK. It was started as a solo project in 2016 by Glynn Neve. In early 2018 it evolved into the four piece it is today, by November 2018 the tracks Desolate Place & Watch You Die were released. An EP will follow shortly.

Necro Seizure are Glynn Neve (Vocals/Rhythm Guitar), Martin Shipton (Lead Guitar), Steve Woods (Bass) & Donald McGee (Drums). Glynn’s unique growling style, brutal & energetic, allows for understandable lyrics at a first listen nonetheless.

Join us in conversation with Glynn.

Crow Xp: Welcome, Glynn. What made you choose Death Metal as a means of expressing yourself?

Glynn Neve: I love the brutal energy and adrenaline rush, no other metal comes close for me.

Crow Xp: Your growls are surprisingly understandable… I didn’t have to try & find the lyrics for your songs…

Glynn: I have tried to sound like some other Death Metal vocalists in the past but all I did was strain my voice and it didn’t work, the vocals you hear on our single Desolate Place come naturally to me, I have my own sound which is a good thing I think.

Crow Xp: How did you pick the name for the band?

Glynn: When I was writing a song back in early 2016, the name just came to me one day for the title for the song, I liked it that much I decided to name my project that.

Crow Xp: In Death Metal topics are more or less self-explanatory… but what do you mainly focus on in lyrics?

Glynn: Mainly hate to be honest, I write my best lyrics when I’m aggravated or seriously frustrated and I suppose it shows in my lyrics.

Crow Xp: What’s your take on why people (though not a huge percentage) are drawn to Death Metal?

Glynn: It’s a great escape from the stresses and strains of life with it fast heavy and frantic riffs. What’s not to love??

Crow Xp: As I said in the intro… you have recorded a track called Mortal Fears for your new EP…

Glynn: I wanted to write a song about death, so I did a little research and I found information about The Ankou, who is the henchman for death, he is known as the grave yard watcher, they say he protects the graveyard and the souls around it. The song almost wrote itself.

Crow Xp: A kind of Grim Reaper, I’d say. ;) What’s in store for 2019?

Glynn: We are currently working on completing our EP most of it is done just a few little details to finish it off. Then we plan to get out gigging.

Crow Xp: Thanks, Glynn. Wish you all the best.

Glynn: Thank you and thanks for the opportunity. Take care.