Oh My Goth - A Peek into Concert Photography (by Crow)

Those who know me know of my Passion for Concert Photography. That being said, the Global in Global Music Club doesn't only have its geographical or category meanings... We strive to include ALL aspects of music biz in our articles.

I have been following Gary Quarmby's Concert Photography for a while now and, must admit, become a fan... His Oh My Goth page is well worth spending time on.

When I questioned him about some of his background this is what he told me:

"I have always had an interest in photography which led me to shooting landscapes which i still do. My interest in gig photography has always been there too, but just bubbling away in the background. I can recall sneaking my camera into a few gigs, Fields of the Nephilim for instance, when they played my home town, and The Mission in Leeds back in the late 80s.

Fast Forward to about 6 years ago and a rather chance visit to a Goth gig in Leeds, I stood there wishing Id brought my camera watching Rhombus and visualising the shots Id take, including the one that´s in this article.

From then on I'd have my camera at most gigs to give a little something back to the bands that would be better than the phone pics that people were taking. You soon realise that normal kit will not do for the extreme low light you will be working in and there is a time when you just need to bite the bullet and buy a full frame camera and fast lenses.

This step up was the time for a bit of a rebrand and along came "oh my goth" which jumped into my head when I heard someong say "oh my god they where amazing" and thought seeing as it's a Goth band your talking about shouldnt that be "oh my goth?"

So the name stuck. It's ideal as well as I'm quite a private person so in a world of social media I can stay somewhat anonymous."

I then challenged Gary to choose 5 of his fav pics and talk a bit about them. Here are the wonderful shots he presented us with:

Ed from Rhombus - Photo by OMG (Gary Quarmby)

"This is Ed from Rhombus. I had this shot in mind for a long while, but the lights had never been in my favour: a charismatic man in a charismatic hat, what's not to love? I'd tried on various times to get similar when a gig in Huddersfield gave me a chance at this shot. Between the songs i noticed they dropped all the stage lights apart from a couple at the back, so I placed myself in what I hoped would be the right place as a song ended and there you have it - the shot I'd longed for."

Louise Crane from The Eden House - Photo by OMG (Gary Quarmby)

"Louise Crane on vocal duty for The Eden House. I got the chance to shoot them when they played in Trinity Church in Leeds and then again at Tomorrows Ghosts Festival in Whitby. I loved this shot of the lady with a beautiful voice mid song pouring emotion into what she is doing, getting the chance to meet the band afterwards was a dream come true."

Danile Meier from Johnny Deathshadow - Photo by OMG (Gary Quarmby)

"One of my favorite recent images of bassist Daniel Meier from Johnny Deathshadow. I do like people with charisma and I must admit to having a case of "coat envy" as he spun around on stage with his long black coat swirling around, the orange back light as an almost inferno like fell to the shot."

Joel Heyes - Photo by OMG (Gary Quarmby)

"A familiar face to those who frequent the Leeds Goth scene is Joel Heyes who runs Goth City Festival which raises money for charity. I love this shot of him performing as 'Byronic Sex & Excile' again making use of the solo spotlight. Some shots just suit the mood perfectly when converted to Black and White."

"Sometime the Wolf are getting plenty of attention in the UK and deservedly so. There is no way I could not include a picture of my friend Drew in this little collection of favorite photos. They really are a band to see live - the power of his voice always amazes me, they have a little tour lined up for Europe in April, so a road trip may be in order."

Drew Freeman from Sometime The Wolf - Photo by OMG (Gary Quarmby)

Thank you for sharing some insight on your shots, Gary. Hope one of these days we can road trip together. ;)