On Crowdfunding - The Way of the Sacred

You may recall an article featured in Darkstone's Picks on Deva & Sharon. I was curious and did some sniffing around of my own and saw that they are Crowdfunding to get the CD Flowing in Mystery finished and recorded.

In their own words:

" Hello Blessed Relations!

We, Deva Vidya and Sharon Silverstein Shambala have been composing original music together for the past three years as Way of the Sacred and are currently in the process of recording our new Album, Flowing in the Mystery! The compositions on this album are powerful healing tools intended to awaken the individual and the Collective Conscious Mind. Lyrical messages urge us to honor and respect the Earth as our Mother and revere each other and all beings as family. The combination of tribal and modern instruments awakens the Sacred in all of us, reminding us of the sacred way our ancestors walked upon this land, with awe, love and reverence. We believe that this album is a valuable and important message to help awaken the collective so we may heal the world together and live in a symbiotic, sustainable community.

We hope to finish recording this new CD entitled, "Flowing in the Mystery", over the next few months. We already received some generous donations and pre-orders for the CD. Recording, production, mastering, art work, duplication and promotion are very costly and we are a long ways to reaching our final goal to complete this project.

We are reaching out to you as we know that you understand the importance of releasing this CD and allowing its magic to do its part in healing our world. We deeply appreciate this gesture and gift.

Your financial gift to see this CD come into manifestation will be a true blessing. We graciously accept with grateful hearts and deep appreciation.

We are ecstatically filled with joy upon receiving your loving support! Shouting up to the Moon, showering you with blessings!Thank you!

So much love, Deva & Sharon Shambala"

Direct link also available on our Release section.

Cheers & Good Luck,