Peacekeeper by SkippingRope - Review by Stuart Turnbull

SkippingRope is an independent Russian rock band founded in 2014 by singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Max Ivanov. They were The Winners Of The Revolution Fest SPb 2018.

We were asked to review their latest release - Peacekeeper.

So, let's hear it from Stuart, who has accostumed us to some great writing and straightforward opinions. Enjoy!

Peacekeeper by SkippingRope - Review by Stuart Turnbull

Oh oh oh!! Well now... here's a really strange concoction, a veritable basket of rock sound bites from SkippingRope or perhaps that should read Skipping Rope?? Ah, who knows! This is Peacekeeper.. a bouncing sing along kinda composition of the "where do I place this?" variety.

My first thought.. it sounds like a rock entry for Eurovision as it is ever so commercial, has that anthemic feel, and combines a thread from, well, almost everywhere!! You can distil several genres from this track. Outwardly an obvious middle of the road hard rock composition with its crashing guitar shreds but I'm duped once or twice.. An audience sample? Kids chorus? A slightly Latino come Country and Western solo..mashed with a rock solo??? Wow, the band had some fun recording this little ditty!!

Sonically, it mixes well and the production passable. The vocals are nice... drifting somewhere twix early 80s pop metal and that later thrashy sound. The lyrics tell a story sure enough but the English is somewhat questionable. This band are not from the UK and, consequently, that cannot be a fair criticism. A tweak here and there and it would be fine. Overall, it has the making of a good single release. It's a full on rock track that invites you out onto the dance floor.

Stripped naked and redressed in the studio with a good rock producer and you've got a winner.