Photo Gallery - 25th HMF

The oldest Metal Fest in Portugal saw its 25th edition last January 12, 2018. As you know we featured a series of articles before the event:

25th HardMetalFest

Featured: Interview with José Rocha, 25th HMF I - Basalto, 25th HMF II - Affäire, 25th HMF III - Dark Oath, 25th HMF IV - Analepsy, 25th HMF V - Ironsword, 25th HMF VI - Balmog, 25th HMF VII - Night In Gales, 25th HMF VIII - Agressor, 25th HMF IX - GAMA BOMB, 25th HMF X - Steve Grimmett's Grim Reaper & Chris Holmes Mean Man.

You can see the Full Photography Coverage of the festival on my Photography page.

It was a great energy-packed 12h marathon of chatting, shooting and music. HMF has truly become a tradition not to miss out on... Fantastic mood, great bands, nice merch and food stands and, obviously beer flowing... It was the hottest cold night in January and as people kept saying: "It's the first of the year!"

Congratulations are in order for José Rocha & his team. A truly memorable 25th!

And... Great news: the date & bands for next year are already chosen...

26th HardMetalFest is ready to roll on Jan 11 2020!

But... Still more to come from the 25th edition... keep an eye out on all the great interviews coming up!