Plague UK's Vaccination - Review by Stuart Turnbull

Heyup kiddies!! You wanna get down and dirty maybe? You want some do ya!? By George... I think it's 1978 again and I'm prancing around my office like a demented she devil in outrageous delight!!

What's going on? Well I've just sounded out the unbelievably grandiose offering from Plague UK... An album appropriately entitled Vaccination. Oh yes... believe me my people, you're going to need a jab or two to protect yourself against this sonic onslaught. The album quite simply pumps it out at full blast from start to finish. A product of pure old school punk... full of anger, protest, political naivety and fear of the unknown.

Yet too... it has a wealth of experience in here, a celebration of the genre and a groove that just hauls you out of your armchair and onto the floor! These guys are having it large and up yours with no quarter asked or given. There's something here I haven't experienced in all too many years.... it's pulled a cheeky smile from my face and I just feel I want to.... well, swear at someone!!

Each track gallops into view and prods you firmly in the ribs. Musically, it's tight and energetic as a whole... produced with feeling and gets the message firmly delivered between the ears. The chorus lines are epic and never fall into any predictions. Who can fault or fail to sing along to Shit Happens or Fuck You!?? Man, this is raw punk spirit at its best. Distilled from the original spirit vats of Sham 69, The Damned and The Buzzcocks.

You might draw some conclusion of childish angst herein but a second and third listen educates the deeper mind. There really is a message in here... a collection of songs which remind us of our current position in time, environment and our on going political turmoil. Verses that spell out all too clearly those angry and misunderstood times in both life generally and in close relationships. I'm not searching for something deep... no, but the sentiment is delivered neath a not so thin veneer of rhythmic intent.

Plague UK have produced something to cure that spreading disease of lasitude and lethargic ignorance in the youth of today.... they're determined to melt the snowflakes. Pick out Fake News and Idiot Kid.... I dare you not to dance! Just like the sweetie advert.... you simply cannot fail to chew!! Rip up what you thought you knew.... let this wash over you and drown in the racing tide of punk romance and nostalgia!

The album takes its leave from me with Kick Us Down and Wasted. I'm left with the feeling that someone just violently mugged me down a Camden alleyway. That sounds like a negative but no no my friends... these boys ended the crime with a laugh and a tickle, a pint of London Pride and a warm hug that promised they'd be back... and do it all again! Bar coded and fully available... wrap your arms around this little library of songs...

Get it stamped, take it home... and don't pay the fucking fine!! Ten out of ten x

by Stuart Turnbull