Review of Abbygail's Gun Control by Stuart Turnbull

And Abbygail's Second album has been released.

Get ready for some blasting Hard Rock with Gun Control.

Wanna know more about it?

Nothing better than reading Stuart Turnbull's review and then rush off and get a copy! Enjoy!

Here comes the familiar sounds of my distant youth!! Oh yes, I do mean distant.... but kind of always good in that warm nostalgic sense. I'm searching through dusty memory banks to adequately prepare myself and honestly describe this band and their latest offering.

Here we have ABBYGAIL... a band of French origin.. but you'd never know or automatically get to that or any other conclusion. I have in my possession a collection of songs which are produced in the classic rock mode, a call to me from a far trodden field of the 1970s. It feels so warm and hear this all again.

No, I'm not building this up to knock it down... I'm thinking this is good old stomping hard rock... and I still love to hear it. Not so many bands are playing this trade anymore but I'm confident that the songs herein are good enough to stand tall here in 2019.

I think it's best to ringfence the album and review it as a complete work, a celebration of the second coming of hard blues rock. These guys are surely no spring chickens.... there's a whole heap of feeling and experience in these compositions.

As a whole... ABBYGAIL drift off into the generic zone dragging threads of Deep Purple, ACDC and Nazareth behind them. Musically standing up to scrutiny... save the vocals here and there that would benefit from a little production.

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Big Bad Wolf stands out from the crowd with its Bon Jovi-esque construction. Kind of taps into that mid eighties glam metal zone that they inhabited. It works well...if perhaps somewhat dated. Headbanger is smack in the middle of that ACDC sound and riff.... foot tapping and well.... headbangingly great!

Several tracks have been crafted in such a badass way as to confuse the brain cells.... is this ZZ Top from 74? Blue Oyster Cult or am I hearing some sound bites of latter day Blackballed??

Careless would be the person that cannot or does not recognise this menu of sonic pleasure. I get to travel all the way to a tasty track.... here comes I Feel So Bad. Wonderful in its warm rich tones.... ever so bluesy and rhythmic. A song that Nazareth would be proud to have released. I play it a second time... I'm transported back to my school days... late 70s.... yes's so clear.

You cannot ignore the pure old school riff-ology, the nostalgic air around this band and this album. It's clarity of purpose and no nonsense message... a small trip back in time.

Where do I place it? Does it fit in the musical headspace and roadmap for 2019? Well, some would say no... it belongs firmly back there in the annals of the seventies. But not me. No... it's come full circle, returned to zero if you will. It's all too fresh again...perhaps like our politics... I'm re-educated by this.

I'd recommend you grab a copy of this album and enjoy the lesson!

Review by Stuart Turnbull

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