Review of Louise's Deity (by Stuart Turnbull)

How many threads does it take to weave a magic flying carpet? My deeper thoughts engage as I let this absolutely delightful song take a ride through me.

Louise Patricia Crane has been working hard on this project... the evidence herein is beyond reasonable doubt and I'm convicted too.. by virtue of conversion and joint enterprise via my love of this track.

So, this is Deity.. the new offering from Louise. From the outset I'm departing from this place and transported to the ever so comfortable dreamscapes that populate my mind.

This is warm, complex and deeply ethereal... it's personal and embraces me, a gentle kiss on my lips and that feeling that ebbs and flows around the body. I'm bathing in a heated pool of musical styles and voices.

I recognise so many of the threads and themes that lie deep within this composition.... it meanders in loving devise through those flowered meadows that reach fowards from White Album era Beatles and that Dear Prudence atmosphere to today's Enya, All About Eve and Monica Richards.

The musical themes sway gently in that most delicious breeze of ambience and atmospheric muses.... whispers of alternative hippie goth. I can almost catch the scent of patchouli and ambergris as I relax deeper into this song. I'm strolling through a misty morning psychedelia. It carries a message that's quite indecipherable, and yet instills a sense of security and comfort.

Could it just be the caress of her sensual vocals..or the full mix of front and backing vocals ably supplied by Jakko Jakszyk? Either way I'm completely dissolved in this.

Deity will soothe the soul, brings light where you experienced darkness... it leads you by the hand across the Rubicon...delivered safely home. I need to drink more from this fountain. I'm told an album is forthcoming.. Can it feed me? Can it convert me? I guess perhaps I'll have to indulge in the feast that lies ahead.

It's over... I'm missing it already and reaching for the replay button. I'm converted.