Sólstafir / Kontinuum / Louise Lemón @Hard Club Porto (09/12/18)

Expecting a fun report, Darkstone said... Fair enough. Which reminds me of the time I went to see Fields of The Nephilim and remembered - at already two thirds of a 3-hour drive - that I had left the tickets at home. Epic FOTN Fail, I'd say. (No, I didn't miss the gig!)

So, this time I checked, doublechecked & triplechecked.

Got to Porto on time, strolled around the surroundings of the Hard Club waiting for doors to open. Managed to finally confirm shooting credentials (long story, no comments) & met a nice German couple too.

I really enjoy Hard Club... two venue rooms in what used to be an old market. Great sound, Great mood, plenty of room and no bruises. Almost perfect... there's always a but. This time? The other gig was teen fans meeting YouTubers... I was somehow reminded of the screaming hysterical youth in the Elvis & Beatles' concerts I used to watch on TV. Yep, some fainted too...

Great music on the left... YouTubers on the right... Screaming crowd on the right... Something's wrong with this picture if you ask me.

Louise Lemón opened the venue. Great mood, very pleasant voice, great choice to start the evening. Got some nice shots too. Definitely worth going to if they're in your area.

Louise Lemón

Not too much waiting time between gigs, which was cool. Enough time to go for a shot of my-closer-friends-know. And get ready for some more great stuff & shooting with Kontinuum. A nice transition from Louise Lemón and building up some great mood for the headliners.


And the Mood was perfect when Sólstafir entered the stage. And it was a hell of a gig. Great presence on stage & taking enough time to interact with the audience. Addi's guitar was literally a few inches away from my nose. I'm so glad he didn't swirl it to his left. :D

And watching Svabbi hit that bass... Perfect!

Judging from the hat I'd say Pjúddi was an FOTN fan as well... Correct me if I'm wrong... but I don't think so. And Grimsi hit those drums as if his own life depended on it... Or his soul.

Truly a great performance. It was great to see songs from the new album (excellent one by the way) & also get a nostalgic listen of Fjara.


There are still some concerts on the way and if I were you I wouldn't miss the opportunity.

PS: I could write about all the technical & encyclopaedical details of the gig... But then it wouldn't be fun. Now what would be fun... is you all trying to find out the meaning behind Fjara... for those who haven't already! ;)