Sensorium - Interview

There are many bands and genres on my playlist. Fields of the Nephilim is an absolute must. No intro needed for my Goth readers. The name speaks for itself. Over the years front man Carl McCoy has undertaken several projects with great artists. And those have led to other great projects. Sensorium and NFD come to mind.

Sensorium started out in 1996 after Paul Miles’s collaboration in The Nefilim (from 1992 to 1996) as both guitarist and co-writer of “Zoon”. The other two original line-up members, Peter Bob White and Simon Rippin, eventually moved on to form NFD.

Now, in 2018, guitarist Paul Miles is back with a new Sensorium line-up and the 6-track EP “MMXVIII”, featuring Nick Schultz (vocals), Belle Star (drums) and Danny Tartaglia (bass).

Nothing better than my fave track “Dreams of the Dead” to mark this excellent comeback.

Paul always manages a couple of chill moments in between songwriting, producing and touring…

Crow Xp: Good to have you, Paul. Welcome. Sensorium… “a journey back to the past, while still maintaining a positive glance at the future”… Much to be said about that…

Paul: Sensorium originally formed in London back in 1996, after the demise of The Nefilim. Sensorium released one studio album in 1997. The band name came from a Nefilim track which didn't make the Zoon album but was released on You Tube, much later. I just felt the time was right for me to release some new material.

Crow Xp: Absolution… Tell us a bit more about that.. What made you decide on that one in particular as the first MMVIII track to be released?

Paul: …Absolution lyrically is basically about questioning religion and the hypocrisy that comes with all forms of fanatical religious groups. Absolution, as soon as I wrote the song, just sounded like a single; really catchy, about the right length for a single and I knew it was definitely the title song.

Crow Xp: Interesting. In fact, there’s a carefully chosen logic to the sequence of the tracks on the EP…

Paul: Well, we did spend a lot of time trying to get the order right but to be honest, we're really pleased with all the tracks and the amazing reaction we are getting from fans from all around the world, old and new.

Crow Xp: You were co-writer of Zoon and worked closely with Carl McCoy…Tell us a bit more about that.

Paul: It was a great learning curve working with Carl McCoy. We spent a lot of time back in 1992, writing and developing the songs for the album. We did a bit of touring but in my mind not enough as the band sadly split in September 1996.

Crow Xp: I’m curious here… What’s your personal choice of guitar? And which was your first one?

Paul: I like all types of guitars but in the studio, I always seem to reach for this old Ibanez - it always sounds & plays great! I've owned it from the Nefilim days. I think my first electric guitar was a Gibson copy.

Crow Xp: Guitarist, songwriter… and producer. (Great multitasking skills, by the way) All these must give you a unique perspective of the music industry…

Paul: Yes, definitely! As I say to other artists when they are in my studio, I have experience from both sides of the control room glass. The music scene has been going through tremendous changes over the last ten years and it is becoming much harder for new artists to get discovered and to break through.

Crow Xp: Let’s come back to Sensorium… What about tour dates and the likes?

Paul: At the moment we have nothing booked - our plan is to get an awareness of the band again this year through social media and hopefully start touring next year.

Crow Xp: Like everyone in showbiz… I’m sure you have a long list of anecdotes/stories… Care to share one in particular?

Paul: While recording the Zoon album, we were booked in this studio that had been once owned by The Who in the 60s. There were many tales of Keith Moon haunting the studio and very peculiar things going while we were there. The studio had a very strange vibe; a place you would not want to be alone in at night.

Crow Xp: Spooky! Nice chat. Looking forward to a next opportunity.

Paul: Great speaking to you too.