Some Underground Sounds from Brazil - Paranoia Musique

Olá! Brazil... the country of Samba & great percussion... & steaming Carnivals. A dear friend of mine, Diego de Oliveira from Paranoia Musique, just sent me this press release... We will most surely count on future collaborations straight from Brazil! So check in often!

"The best way to resist in a world that becomes increasingly oppressive and intolerant is precisely to continue doing what we love most, resistance through art. The Brazilian netlabel Paranoia Musique has selected 9 Brazilian artists whose dedication to the music and the underground scene show us there still exists intelligent life and how they reflect the new trends and point out an alternative to the cultural industry.

Post-Punk, Synth, Dreampop, Krautrock, Coldwave and Dark Punk are some of the references that comes to mind when we hear the tracks of:

Gangue Morcego / Inês é Morta / Herzegovina / Poetisa Dissecada / Tempos de Morte / Cubüs / 1983 / Polly Noise and the Cracks / llOVNi

Available for Download & Streaming: Bandcamp // Spotify // Deezer // Google Play // Apple Music // and more"

Diego de Oliveira (Paranoia Musique)