Sometime the Wolf at the 6th Marquis Masquerade ball (Whitby) - by Stuart Turnbull

Photo by Sylvia Thomas

For those of you that couldn't be with us at the 6th Marquis Masquerade ball at the Metropol in Whitby for Sometime The Wolf..... The room is bathed in violet hues that tint the whitewashed walls of this fine venue. A classic ballroom...lofty and full of atmosphere. The smoke machine trickles forth a constant stream of vaporized fragrant oils as the band emerge from the mists and begin the set. Once again we are treated to a run through the new album... never failing to deliver something new in every sonic twist and turn.

The assembled crowd drift closer to the stage, drawn onwards by the dancing soundscapes and the lure of Drew Freeman.. in fine form tonite.. his shape projected back onto the white fabric veils that backstop the stage set. There seems an almost other worldly feel to this scene. The production for the show was perfect... the kick of percussion and drill of the guitars all knitted tightly around the dancing bass lines... the solidity of sound and the gut punch of moving air.... a sound system used, the question asked.... answer given. Here is a band in full flight, no quarter asked and none given. A checklist of live delights ticked off, signed off and delivered first class.

Up hill and down dale for the wonderful journey through this set of fine compositions... one time high and pounding, full of light.. and next a free fall into a darker more ambient place. Sometime The Wolf... tease out all your emotions... all laid bare for all to see. Dance With Her Shadow is once again the summit of this mountain... The perfect place for a perfect song. Bodies move and sway, arms stretched upwards, the warmth of deep meaning in this song.... it simply cannot be denied. A very happy and contented crowd are left sated and yet strangely lost at the moment the set draws to its inevitable end...

This room once more falling back to that unwanted emptiness. There remains a thirst for more, that unquenchable appetite for latent sonic violence that draws you close to the stage. This band are not for the faint hearted.. Can they be defined or tamed? Sometime a warm embrace, sometime a cold disparaging comment. Sometime a dreamscape, sometime a returning nightmare. Sometime the bringer of all desires, sometime the stealer of souls.... Sometime a creature of pure domestication but always Sometime The Wolf xx