Sometime the Wolf - Interview

You all know I absolutely love my Fields of the Nephilim playlist as much as any other Watcher out there. So it was with great pleasure that I accepted an invitation to attend Meg Pettitt’s Birthday Party in April.

For those who don’t know, Meg’s an amazing singer & songwriter and we will soon hear (again) from her in her new project with Tony Pettitt (Bass player for FOTN and not only)… some fabulous material on the way.

Anyway I got to chat again with Andy Delany, sit at a table with Simon Rippin and go on an ATM hunt in Kentish Town with Drew Freeman, singer & songwriter for Sometime The Wolf. Fun evening indeed.

Chatting with Drew was such a pleasure we decided to reconnect a few days later for an interview on his band.

Crow Xp: Hi, Drew. I believe Fields on the Nephilim is one of the bands on your playlist as well? Would you say people compare you a lot?

Drew Freeman: They are, Crow, and have been on my playlist since about 1987/88. I remember hearing them in the common room at school in my dinner hour and thinking I really like this! But I didn’t buy anything until The Nephilim album came out. I bought Jane’s Addiction Nothing’s Shocking and the Nephilim album at the same time and I loved‘em both for how different they were to the Metal I was listening to at the time. There are lots of bands on our playlists from Dio-Priest-Fear Factory-Slayer to Mastodon – lots of Goth bands also but too many to list.

As for people comparing us to The Nephilim I’d say a few do, yes , but in a really good way. We are a five piece band with a deep delayed vocal and I think we do carry an energy in our live sets and performances that the Nef have always done live, better for me live than on the records… live I always thought it carried better. Our sound is a little more Prog with a modern take on old...

Crow Xp: In fact, you were opening act for FOTN last year in Whitby at Tomorrow’s Ghosts

Festival. Tell us a bit about that.

Drew: Well, when I found out off Kirstin at Absinthe Promotions who runs the Tomorrow’s Ghosts Festival, I nearly fell of the extension roof I was working on.. lol, imagine getting told you are going to support a band you and a few lads in the band have followed and supported as fans. It was awesome getting the (Nod) no pun intended! for the gig. I did think how it would work at first but it worked out fantastic, we went on and did what we do with quite a few nerves to start with but the Crowd was fantastic with us and very receptive of us and gave us that chance... The Nef fans that night were magic with us and made it for us a very special night. We made a lot of new fans that night and we won’t forget that.

Over the weekend we said hello to many people and band members… And to put some rumors to bed that me and Carl had some sort of run in together near the dressing rooms down stairs is total rubbish, lol, we never met Carl all weekend. To be on the same bill as such bands as Paradise lost, The Eden House, Salvation, Society was a dream come true for us :)

Crow Xp: Sometime the Wolf is quite the unusual name. So here’s the question that you probably get asked most: How did the name come to be?

Drew: Well, we had been throwing a few names around at rehearsal after we realized we were back in this for the long run. By that time we had 2 or 3 songs written but no band name. Lee mentioned about a book he had read as a kid by Cormac McCarthy called Blood Meridian and in the book an American Indian boy talks of the Lambs saying: Sometime the mother comes, Sometime the wolf. It just seemed perfect and lent itself to the sound and image we had in our heads.

Crow Xp: You have definitely stirred the Goth music scene lately. But you’re not a recent band. Share a bit of your story with us. Has it been a tough road to walk?

Drew: Well… Sometime the Wolf have been together a little over 2 years now. But me, Korvin and Lee were in bands in the mid 90s called In soma dawn and Indian soma. We all carried on with music some in bands and me just writing and recording at home etc... I went off and married and had kids. So did Korvin and Lee carried on in many bands in the Preston area meeting Joe and Lewis a few years ago. When we all got together this time around I think we all knew it felt special, maybe because we were older and we were in a more settled place than years before.

Crow Xp: How many wolves are there in your pack?

Drew: There’s five of us in the group: 2x guitars, bass, drums and singer all playing our parts in what we do, with no plans to add a sixth member on keys of which we once talked about. If we go and have any backing it will be a PC as opposed to another member. :)

Crow Xp: What symbolism does the Wolf hold for you? I mean, it’s obviously a strong one. Considering the band’s name and the way you present yourself on stage.

Drew: The Wolf for me symbolizes us as a group, like a pack, strong together, writing and performing as one, with no wolf bigger than the other.

Crow Xp: I recall the interview we featured last year after the Tomorrow’s Ghosts Festival, in which Julia asked you mainly about lyrics. How does the songwriting process work in Sometime the Wolf? What comes first? Lyrics? Melodies? What sparks the birth of a song?

Drew: I think songwriting for STW comes in many different ways, like melodies in our heads, riffs Lee and Joe bring in the room, and then Korvin will add the bass & I will record it on my phone and pen the lyrics at home once I feel a melody for them… as a five we work well, often writing our better tunes after fall outs which we laugh about after and find it quite ironic it takes us to fall out to pen a good track :) We like to write about things that inspire us, feelings, putting ourselves in someone else’s shoes and imaginary worlds.

Crow Xp: When you are writing lyrics… at what point do you stop working on them and consider them ready to be shared with your fans? When does it click?

Drew: I stop when it fits the song and it flows right in the song, some I am happy to keep really simple and others not so much.

Crow Xp: Which of your songs so far is your personal favourite? Or is that variable according to mood?

Drew: I think it does change with my mood. I know some tracks on the new album I am absolutely loving and can’t wait for people to hear them, I think personally Never Wake (in dream) because of the build and intensity of the second half of it, and the lyrics always hurt me inside to sing as I wrote the song about my mother’s passing in 2004. I think the lads know that too when we perform it. On the flip side it gives me that pick me up sort of feeling (strength) to believe in myself...

Crow Xp: What about new material?

Drew: Well the new album is very close to done and we are looking for an August release, we have been recording with Stephen Carey of the Eden House and Simon Rippin-Nef/Eden House/Red Sun Rival/Grooving in Green. We’re very excited at the results up to now and just have a few more days to spend on it before a final mix and mastering.

We are currently working on putting our art work together and ideas… it’s been a pleasure to work with the guys on this and up to now we’re all getting on a treat :)

Crow Xp: What’s your personal take on the global music scene nowadays?

Drew: I think the metal scene is doing really well… lots of bands and festivals on and the Goth scene in Europe seems really very buoyant with lots of younger folk about at the festivals and gigs. I feel the scene in the UK is on the up too with packed nights at Carpe Noctum - Leeds (Howard Richards) and with (Kirstin) Absinthe Promotions doing Tomorrow’s Ghosts Festival at Whitby, and all the other promoters out there in the UK doing their events things look really great :)

Crow Xp: For those who haven’t yet had the experience of listening to Sometime The Wolf… Any words?

Drew: I’d just say give us a chance that’s all, like we gave bands years ago that chance, travel and go and make a night of it going to watch new bands… don’t live in the past so much and embrace the new bands, but never forget the old :)

Crow Xp: I know you returned to Whitby for this year’s edition of Tomorrow’s Ghosts Festival… Read some fun post about that actually. How did you find this edition? Which band did you enjoy the most as a live act?

Drew: Ahh it was a fantastic weekend and a cracking line up again… New Model Army were on top form and I also liked pop will eat itself, for the contrast of music styles. I liked every band over the weekend.

Crow Xp: For those who would like to see Sometime the Wolf live in a near future… Where and when will you be playing your next gigs?

Drew: 18th May -Manor Fest, Keighley. 25th May, Grand Central, Manchester. 21st June Hartlpool (barnstormer rally). 27th July, Grand Central, Manchester. 17th Aug, (headline at Shadow of the castle, Scarborough. 14th Sep (fiddlers elbow) London. 12th Oct (Goth city) Leeds. 31st Oct, Waterloo Bar, Blackpool. 1st Nov (Whitby Met)

Crow Xp: It has been a real pleasure chatting with you again, Drew. Looking forward to your future releases and wish you much success. Cheers.

Drew: And you, Crow, it was lovely to meet you and your sons in London, and thank you for the best wishes on the album (thanks for grabbing my beers for me :)