Sometime the Wolf - Interview (by Julia Filchenkova)

I met Julia Filchenkova earlier this year. We are Watchers. For those who don't know what that means... go to a Fields of the Nephilim gig! ;)

I knew Julia was attending the Tomorrow's Ghosts Festival in Whitby (26-28 October, 2018) and asked her to write some words on it.

Well, she did more than that. She did a whole interview with Drew Freeman from SOMETIME THE WOLF. Nice job, Julia!

Have a read:

Drew Freeman & Julia Filchenkova

My name is Julia Filchenkova. I live in Russia and own a small producer center “U-Feel”. This was my third time in the small but very beautiful English town of Whitby. The first time I was there as a spectator at the Bram Stoker International Film Festival. The second time I was already active in this festival - I brought two bands: ANCORA (RU) and DEMON BOY (USA) to perform there. And this year I returned as a spectator… I wanted to see the new festival “TOMORROW’S GHOSTS” and Fields of the Nephilim who were headliners for this festival.

But there was one band in particular that caught my attention and truly impressed me: “SOMETIME THE WOLF”. This band played as a support for the Fields of the Nephilim but they definitely got plenty of new fans for themselves there! Not only me but the whole audience was mesmerized by the very atmospheric sound and incredible voice of lead singer Drew Freeman who looked like a real shaman-wolf. Powerful riffs filled the hall and very emotional lyrics put audience in a magic trance.

English is not my native language so I decided to ask Drew Freeman himself (who in reality is Big Kind Wolf) about the meaning of his songs.

Photo credit: Gary Quarmby

Julia Filchenkova: Drew, what are the words in the very end of "Never wake"? Right after “give me… forgive me…” This song is really stuck in my head, but I can’t get the lyrics in the very end.

Drew Freeman: The song is about my mother, and her passing. It is the Hindu word for Earth or Mother Earth of what she was to me. So the word I pronounce is “Ghia” or “Gia” in Hindi.

JF: Oh... I am sorry for your loss. But I would never have guessed that without your explanation. I definitely heard something like this but I couldn't find the proper English word. Would never have considered Hindu...

DF: I like hidden words of meaning that only I know what they mean in my lyrics, “Never Wake” is a song about my mother and also a song of guilt for not being able to help, it's an emotional song for me and it shows how I think.

Photo credit: Gary Quarmby

JF: I usually pay close attention to lyrics because English is not my native language and it always seems to me that I am missing or misunderstanding something. I must say that most of your songs are very emotional and this is surely one of the many reasons why they attract people. “Dancing with her shadow” is very emotional too…

DF: “Dancing with her shadow” is a song about lost love or the loss of a loved one and through the pain eventually, you will heal if love remains. It was inspired by a film I watched when I was young called “Somewhere in time” and when my father was very ill I once had a long chat with a nurse in the hospital about people dying of a broken heart with no real illness other than sadness.

JF: This is very moving. And what about the song “Spirit”?

DF: This is a song of regression looking back at yourself from a gravely situation, looking on in an outer body state at yourself or somebody you love, a song of a couple in love in an accident looking back on themselves wanting each other to survive… the air he/she seeks for lungs to breathe… to beat her/his heart that beats for you.

Photo credit: Gary Quarmby

JF: Drew, I already have your EP “Never wake” which was released this year but I am sure that not only me but all other people who enjoyed your band in Whitby at Tomorrow’s Ghost festival would like to know when the LP will be released.

DF: Yeah the album will be released in the next year and produced by two well-known names on the Goth scene who played at Whitby… but I can't say who yet!

JF: This is great news! Looking forward to that, Drew!

You can find out more about SOMETIME THE WOLF on their website or FB page & we will most certainly feature their new album when the time comes.