The Real Beavers - Interview (by Crow)

On September 6th 2018 I published my first Interview in Crow's Nest - the famous "non-interview" with independent singer/songwriter Vic James.

Life isn't easy and things don't always go as expected. Vic James is currently recovering from a stroke, a situation which prevents him from doing gigs and earn his living as the full time musician he has always been.

But he has friends. Good friends. Like Siul Sotnas, Maria Jeromito and Pedro Triguinho who came up with the idea of organizing a festival to raise funds for Vic's recovery.

And that marked the birth of the Midnight Sun Experience - a Festival that united artists for a cause on a voluntary basis. No band/performer charged for their performance. All the money raised is being used to cover Vic's medical expenses and basic needs.

But what does all this have to do with these guys?

Photo by Rita Ladeira

Easy answer: Those who know me know of my passion for concert photography and my contribution to this festival was Photo Coverage. And that's where I shot some Beavers... The Real Beavers... with my camera, of course.

I have to say that a few shots went to the recycle bin... It's kinda hard taking photos and dancing at the same time.

I spent some time chatting with band members Bill Rivers and Hugo Minds and of course the next natural step was an Interview.

You may recall that we already published a review by Stuart Turnbull on The Real Beaver's last album.

The Real Beavers' album cover - Artwork by Bill Rivers

And, as promised, here is the chat I had with Bill Rivers... And an amazing one it was. Bill's the kind of guy you can spend hours chatting with and not get bored. Trust me...

Or don't and see for yourselves: