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Rehearsal Video Competition


by - Anthony Darkstone


As you are aware by now, this was the first competition on Global Music Club.  As you may have seen via the Posts on FB the Judges have now submitted their findings.

All three judges are known to me personally and I want to extend both a personal & a Public "Thank you" to each one for kindly giving up their time and agreeing to do this; I chose them precisely because they are eminently qualified and although known to me are not known to each other. This seemed the best & fairest way to arrive at a decision that was free of any bias. Their names were not published until after their findings were submitted to avoid any outside influence.

In no particular order they were: 

Abigail Spinner McBride - Las Vegas, USA - Multi-talented Musician, Singer and highly experienced in all aspects of Showbusiness (https://www.globalmusic.club/abigail-spinner-mcbride

Anna Mazzotta - London, UK - An internationally renowned Artist & Painter who has vast experience in Music related matters.  (https://www.globalmusic.club/anna-mazzotta)

Peter Dawson - Hertfordshire, UK - Several decades of valid experience in various Bands as a Drummer.

Each judge looked at the entries and made their choices separately. I did not set any criteria as these were Rehearsal videos and I wanted each judge to evaluate on the basis of each one’s experience. I asked each judge to email me with their selection.  To be fair to all here is a copy of each email:-

Hi Anthony,

Thank you. Here are my results:

#3 Lex Gifford

#2 Gaijas

#1 Sonia LittleB Cabrita


Best wishes,



Hiya Anthony

Thank you for asking for my help. My choices are: 

1/. Shutter Down - Awake 

2/ Ant Banister 

3/ Sonia Little B. Cabrita 


Regards - Pete


Hi Anthony,

I have now heard all the nominees and here is my selection:

#1 Mauro Amara 'Oh Mar' 

#2 Lewis Peacock 'sometime the wolf' 

#3 George Maxwell 


Best wishes - Anna


As can be seen from the email extracts, each Judge evaluated differently. As is common practice in these matters we put all three 1st place names in a hat, all three 2nd place names in a hat and the same for 3rd place names. 


These are the results:

1st Place:                               Mauro Amaral - “Oh Mar”

2nd Place:                              Sometime The Wolf

3rd Place:                               Sonia Little B Cabrita


All three Places will receive a Certificate with place Listings. They are Free to use them on their Website, Social Media and Promo material. They will also be Listed in Gig Maker - Free of Charge.


1st Place receives a DigitalBiz Card (http://www.digitalbiz.cards/) from Magical Productions.

Global Music Club will contact you privately to arrange the details.


2nd & 3rd Places will be sent their respective Certificates.  


Congratulations & Thank you to everyone who took part. Each & every one of you is a Winner.