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Tony Moore


Modern Day Troubadour & Renaissance Man.


I first met Tony Moore in London, England last year and then got to spend more time once again with him earlier this year.  Referring to him as a dedicated Musician would not do him full justice. He is that and indeed much, much more.  As a result, I asked a mutual friend of ours, who knows him well, to write a few lines on this truly remarkable modern day multi-faceted Troubadour & Renaissance man.


Here are his words:-

Tony Moore is an accomplished multi instrumentalist who plays Piano, Guitars (Electric and Acoustic) as well Bass in his own unique and very personal style. Tony was one of the original  members of heavy metal band ‘Iron Maiden’ playing keyboards with them in 1977. He later went on to join ‘Cutting Crew’ in 1986 (I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight). Although Tony has had his fair share of the ‘Rock Star’ limelight, in recent years his focus has been on helping new and emerging artist be seen and heard to advance their careers. He presents a weekly show on Soho Radio as well as juggling his time between writing, recording and releasing new music regularly. Tony continues to perform live all over the world and was even invited to be Special Ambassador and play a exclusive show for the launch of the European Games in Minsk, Belarus

For fun, he hosts regular evenings that he calls his ‘Secret Soiree’ where a very small group of lucky individuals (12-14 max) get to see Tony up close and personal in a mystery London location for an evening that is filled with food and drink and Tony’s own brand of music. 

What is the recipe to success? Take 2 parts Phil Collins and 4 parts Paul Simon, mix gently with a sprinkling of Lennon and McCartney and for good measure, add a little Stephen Hawking to taste.
Simmer gently for about 40 years and you will realise that that’s not enough to replicate this unique talent.

Tony is all of these things and of course his own very unique take on all genres of music make him the most entertaining performer on the circuit by far.

High praise?? Naaa… I have toned this down a tad so you don’t all think I am exaggerating.

Tony Moore is not just a performer; he is a song writer, a poet and a deep thinker. He is spiritual and yet grounded, taking time to make sure all around him are happy. His positive influence renders everything and everyone around him ‘Perfect and Beautiful’.

If you get a chance to see Tony Moore live, do not hesitate. If you are in a position to book him, even better still. I wholeheartedly give Mr Moore a full 5 stars, two thumbs up and a standing ovation.

Spyros Melaris.